Fund for the Future

Fund for the Future is a live auction fundraiser that takes place at the gala.  Funding supports a specific project determined by parents, teachers and staff.  The goal is to provide long-term improvements to existing or new programs.

2016-2017: Performing Arts

This year's Fund for the Future  focused on strengthening our outstanding cultural program by emphasizing performing arts. Theater, Dance, Music, Circus, Choir, TLF- Théâtre du Lycée Français de San Francisco renovation!  Performing arts inspire children to express their creativity.

Our ambitious goal of $250,000 has almost been reached with $216,000 the night of the gala. Help us reach our goal! DONATE NOW!

TLF- Théâtre du Lycée Français de San Francisco : It is a fantastic tool for our students and our community. It will benefit from re-upholstering, sound and lighting upgrades, wing separators, a new technical booth, and is on track to host a ciné club with a new projector and screen.  


The music rooms at the three campuses will receive wifi upgrades, enhanced instrumental and sound/playback equipment, choir risers, and secure instrument storage. 


Artistic performances of students from pre-k to 12th grade will benefit from additional music, dance, and theater programs, from cinema class options for all grades, to circus arts activities and on-site theater workshops. 

The lower campuses will benefit from a combination of infrastructural changes to ameliorate current performance spaces, including curtain separations, set material, new stage platforms and a mobile sound system.  They will also receive mobile theatre sets with additional costumes, portable props and set material to enhance classroom-based performances.


Did you know the FACTS? 

A 10 year National Study conducted by Stanford University found that children involved in highly effective performing arts programs were:

  • 400% more likely to win academic awards and be on the honor roll.
  • 800% more likely to receive a community service award.
  • 400 % more likely to score higher than peers on the SAT's
  • 400% more likely to participate in a science or math fair.


    • 12/19 LFSF | Rencontre : Jean-Pierre SAUVAGE, Prix Nobel de Chimie 6:00 PMCDI - ORT
    • 12/20 Annual Meeting 6:30 PMAshbury campus
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