FLI French Language Immersion 

We are very excited to announce the opening of our new French Language Immersion Class for non-francophone students at an elementary school level (1st through 5th grades), on our Sausalito campus.

The objective of this class is to allow students who did not attend our Maternelle program to still have the opportunity to join LFSF at the Elementary School. An adapted curriculum (Français Langue Etrangère or French Language Learning) will be implemented opening a special gateway to our school to carefully selected students.

If you are interested in this exciting program or know of any families who might be interested, please contact us at admissions@lelycee.org. We will gladly provide you with additional information!


The FLI Class: FAQ

Is there an ideal candidate for the French Language Immersion Class?

A good candidate for the FLIC class should already be comfortable in his or her maternal language(s), to avoid confusion, and be capably following mathematics curriculum for his or her age level. Contact with French isn’t a prerequisite, but could contribute to the amount of time a student is associated with FLIC.

How many students will be in FLIC?

We can welcome a maximum of 15 students in FLIC.

How much time will the students of this class spend together each day?

Students will be in this class for lessons taught in French and for math class, but each student will have a spot in an associate “standard” 1st to 5th grade class, and will spend English and non-academic classes there (art, music, PE, and special projects).

Will 1st graders and 5th graders be learning together?

Specialized, multi-level pedagogy is commonplace in the French system, and students at different ages may sometimes share the same linguistic needs. This allows for work in smaller groups within FLIC. Time spend in associated classes also allows for more personalized instruction of students during the course of a school day.

Will the students in FLIC spend the day together, or will they spend time in “standard” classes?

Each student will have an associated 1st through 5th grade class, which will allow him or her continuous contact with students of the same age, and regular socialization.

Will there be any English?

Absolutely! Students in FLIC will follow the same type of weekly schedule as all our students, and will follow English classes with their own class-level.

What type of teacher will lead this class?

Recruited in France, and trained in FLE (French Language Learning), their teacher will also be in charge of organization of student’s time, and will liaise with the teacher of their associated class to ensure optimum progression and transition into this full-time “standard “class.

Is FLIC a one-year program, or could students spend more or less time in the class?

A student may stay a minimum of one trimester and a maximum of two years depending on his or her needs, with a progressive association and assimilation into their “standard” associated class.

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