School Council


As in public schools in France, the School Council is responsible for the every day life of the school, pedagogical issues, and decisions affecting student life at school, such as the number of class hours, elective courses, calendar, school regulations and safety.


The School Council is composed of 21 members: 6 parents/guardians, 6 teachers elected from each campus, 3 students elected from amongst the Grade 8 – 12 delegates, the heads of the campuses, senior administration personnel, the French Cultural Attaché and the representative of the French population abroad.


The School Council has 3 to 4 scheduled meetings per school year. These are usually conducted in French; with advance notice, a translator can be provided. The minutes are then translated into English and posted on each campus as well as on our intranet. The Parent Delegates present issues raised by the parents/guardians on their campuses and report back to the parents/guardians at the next scheduled Room Parent meetings.

All parents/guardians are invited to vote and to present themselves as candidates. Parent Delegates are elected in October; we encourage you to submit your candidacy to the Administration.

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