Room Parents

Each class elects two Room Parents (elections take place at the end of September). The main role of the Room Parent is that of a communication link between teachers, parents/guardians, and the administration. Room Parents also help organize, and play an active role in,  school festivities, field trips, and other activities.

Room Parents meet with the school once every six weeks and  also organize meetings with parents/guardians of their respective classes.

Parent-Teacher Meetings at Lower School

Three times a year teachers schedule after school meetings with parents/guardians from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm. At the first meeting, which takes place at the beginning of the school year,  teachers explain what the class will be doing during the year. The second and third meetings are individual sessions to review each child’s progress. Childcare is provided for all of the scheduled Parent-Teacher meetings. With advance notice, a translator will be made available.

Families are always welcome to schedule a meeting with the teacher whenever they feel the need.

Upper School

A Middle and High School back to school meeting with teachers and parents/guardians takes place annually in September. Additionally, teachers meet with parents/guardians on an individual basis twice a year (November and March). Families are also welcome to meet with any of  their child(ren)’s teachers and can request an appointment via the child’s liaison book.

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