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The academic program at Lycée Français de San Francisco (LFSF) follows the curriculum established by France’s Ministry of National Education and is augmented by courses in English that also help meet U.S. requirements. The program is based on developmental objectives, is geared to challenge all learners, and culminates in advanced-level courses preparing students for college. The academic rigor of our program helps to open doors for our scholars to attend the best universities in the world.

Our curriculum fosters self-awareness and respect for others. LFSF is a unique environment that promotes initiative, analytical and critical-thinking skills, autonomy, cooperation and individual responsibility—qualities that are essential to the success of tomorrow’s global citizens.

Beyond the Classroom

We offer a wide range of clubs, groups and activities, both during and after school, that offer students the chance to explore areas of interest, while creating opportunities for personal, social and emotional enrichment. Students form new friendships outside their own grade while learning new skills or honing existing ones. The lessons learned through collaboration on after-school projects, artistic and creative exploration, or dedicated sporting practice are invaluable. It is through this full range of clubs, activities and sports that we can support students in finding and excelling at their true passions. 

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