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The Lycée Français de San Francisco has 1,050 students, representing more than 35 nationalities. The diversity of ethnicities, cultures, native languages, life experiences and socioeconomic backgrounds creates an environment where students live multicultural experiences on a daily basis. This multiculturalism is both the mission and one of the founding principles of the LFSF.

This daily experience is complemented by a multicultural approach within the curriculum—in the learning of foreign languages, history, geography, economics, etc.—from lower to the upper school grades. Students take extended field trips regularly. Past trips have included competitions for the International School Olympic games, theater competitions in New York and visits to Rome and France.

LFSF strives to help all students attain their educational potential. We create leadership opportunities for students, such as the role of class delegate or as members of the student councils, offering them the chance to represent their peers at important school-wide council meetings with administration, faculty and parents. Students may also participate in the model U.N. and debate clubs on campus.

A vibrant and eclectic extracurricular program offers students the ability to branch out beyond the classroom and explore different sports, languages or creative and cultural experiences. Athletes can participate in traditional team sports like soccer, volleyball and basketball. Many students opt for Judo, fencing or yachting.

The school is also fortunate to have its own 350-seat professional auditorium, which is kept quite busy by the dynamic theater program. The program allows students many opportunities to showcase their talents in a variety of productions, from improv to more classical forms of theatre.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in creating our 21st-century online newspaper, the yearbook and creative writing clubs.  

Students at Lycée Français de San Francisco are provided with a unique educational experience. They grow and learn, surrounded by an extremely diverse and rich community. This shared experience—and the variety of educational, leadership and extracurricular opportunities—prepares our students for the challenges of a constantly evolving world. Our graduates matriculate to university prepared to make positive choices for their future careers.


One of the most important choices a parent will make is the education of their child. Parents seek out the Lycée Français de San Francisco for its strong academic program and bilingual curriculum, which combines the best of French and American education. When speaking about the school, our parent ambassadors immediately speak to the dedication of our faculty and their commitment to their child’s education.

With over 35 nationalities represented, LFSF parents are themselves a multicultural and engaged community that actively participates and supports the school in a variety of ways.

The parents have classroom representatives that meet regularly with the administration, helping communicate important information back to families. Parent volunteers have many opportunities to get involved with school community events. Through fundraisers, “friendraisers,” school-wide celebrations like “La Semaine du Gout” (tasting week) and field-trips, families are encouraged to get involved and help. Whether English or French speaking, there are plenty of opportunities to get together socially and interact or volunteer with other parents.

Faculty and Staff

Due to the nature of our program, the majority of the teaching staff hold French teaching credentials and were recruited from France. Many have lived abroad, bringing international experience that further provides students with interesting global perspectives.

The LFSF faculty and staff are committed to the school’s mission and dedicated to ensuring that our students are prepared to be responsible citizens, equipped for the world of tomorrow. Our teachers strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our students by providing them with educational opportunities that allow our young learners to experience and develop their individual strengths. Traditional educational goals are incorporated with new technologies, creating a diverse and rich forum for students to develop the skills they need to succeed everywhere. 


The Lycée Français de San Francisco’s reputation is well established in the Bay Area and beyond, thanks to the many alumni who demonstrate the quality of a LFSF education on a daily basis.

Our graduates have matriculated and have gone on to diverse and successful careers throughout in the world. Some have stayed in the Bay Area and returned to the LFSF as parents themselves, remaining actively engaged in our community.

We welcome our alumni to stay in touch with LFSF, to share their stories with us, to stay connected with their peers and to keep apprised of the evolution and growth of their school.

Our alumni will attest that their educational experience is unique and that the LFSF experience lasts a lifetime!



    • 12/19 LFSF | Rencontre : Jean-Pierre SAUVAGE, Prix Nobel de Chimie 6:00 PMCDI - ORT
    • 12/20 Annual Meeting 6:30 PMAshbury campus
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