Professor Jay LEVY, MD, AIDS and cancer researcher, and educator at UCSF, will speak about his work and his latest research.

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What do friends say

The French education system long enjoyed a reputation for having one of the best education systems in the world and the Lycee is no exception. I'm very proud to have my two daughters at this school.

Salima Lycée Parent via Facebook

Our son and we love the Lycée so much, that I joined its board...to help, volunteer, and offer expertise to support it, its staff, faculty, and community. It is one of the best, and most creative educational center of the Bay Area. Its faculty and administrative teams foster the most inspiring and enriching experience a child could receive. So...I am committed to LFSF!

Erick Lycée Parent via Facebook

Mes meilleurs souvenirs scolaires!
Je ne pourrai jamais oublier mes professeurs, le staff et surtout tous mes camarades de lycée.
Vous restez et resterez gravés dans mon coeur à jamais.

Franck Alumni via Facebook