Our adventure with Philippe CROIZON goes on!

In the early morning hours of Monday SEPT 13,  journalists from both US and French media were present with their camera and video crew on the stage of the Erick MOREAU Theater. In the center of the stage, Philippe CROIZON was sitting, surrounded by two LFSF students, Noa and Arthur.

LFSF : All is possible, with Philippe Croizon and INSPIRATION 4

On SEPT 13, after his LFSF Speaker Series conference with our students, Philippe CROIZON will leave the school and head for Cape Canaveral, Fl, where he's been invited by Elon MUSK to attend the take off of Inspiration 4, in preparation for his own trip to space.


2020-2021 is over: see #HowWeGotThis!

The COVID pandemic has changed the world of education. From switching to remote learning, to coming back on campus with strict health protocoles to concurrent classrooms, the health crisis has required for all of us to #pivot, #adapt and #anticipate. 

Parlez-vous Français? Your Preschooler could teach you!

A growing number of new parents are considering language immersion programs for their toddlers. For more than 50 years, LFSF has been the first choice of many families looking to give their child the gift of bilingualism. Learn why.

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