Artist in Residence


Action Beyond Words is the LFSF Artist in Residence program. Over the course of three years, this program invites 3 francophone artists from around the world to use their art and explore the themes of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Belonging by collaborating with our bilingual students.

The objective of the artists selected to participate in this program is to build a visual art piece that integrates our diverse curriculum to create a lasting artifact that can be displayed on our school campuses.

To support this program, LFSF was awarded a significant grant of $100,000 from the Edward E. Ford Foundation. This grant was generously matched by our school community.

The objective of the program

The objective of the program is to identify, welcome and support:

  • Visual artists who will create a lasting work of art to embellish our campuses.

  • Francophone artists from a French-speaking country who will be able to engage, communicate and work with our students in French.

  • An artist who will create a visual message, centered around the themes of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging to honor the rich diversity and multiculturalism in our school community.

JOIN THE PROGRAM in 2024-2025

We are currently looking for visual artist for the 2024-2025 school year. Artists in residence come for a period of 4 to 8 weeks. Lodging, food & financial compensation is provided by the school.


Timeline of application process

  • July 30, 2024 | Application deadline 

  • August 2024  |  Artist Interviews with the LFSF Selection Committee

  • September 2024 | Final Selection 

Application Process

Applications should be submitted by completing the electronic form below [click on orange button] before MAY 31, 2024. 

The form has four steps:

  • Candidate Profile

  • Your Stay in San Francisco

  • Residency Project

  • Past and/or present exhibit references

Please answer the application questions in English. The character limits, including spaces, are indicated in each field. Mandatory questions will be indicated with a red asterisk (*). Note that you may save your progress on this online form at any point and return to complete within a month from starting application. Once your application has been submitted, you will no longer be able to edit it.

2023 • 2024 | Ernesto NOVO

Susan Cervantes at the inauguration ceremony of the mural on the Ortega campus
A small sample of the ASH mural
a small sample of the mural on the Sausalito campus

Early January 2024, we welcomed the artist Ernesto NOVO who launched the Artist in Residence program

Ernesto NOVO, a citizen artist

Ernesto defines himself as a citizen artist. Painting is his primary art form. He enjoys drawing portraits of inspiring individuals while advocating for freedom, cultural exchange, immigration, and integration. Additionally, his artistic versatility extends to Street Art, creating murals in large formats on buildings, working in different workshops.

Ernesto had the opportunity to create portraits for the exhibition "4 Résistants au Panthéon", showcasing the journeys of these exceptional women and men. He also worked on two portraits of Geneviève DE GAULLE-ANTHONIOZ and Germaine TILLION on the shutters of a stationery store in Belleville (Paris): women who fought for numerous causes throughout their lifetimes. These portraits were highly appreciated and congratulated by the DE GAULLE family, who attended the inauguration of the pieces.

He is used to working with schools and students. For example, he visited the Edmond MICHELET middle school located in a disadvantaged area of Paris to bring color and share portraits of socially engaged individuals, leading to the creation of "Mur de la Paix", featuring James BALDWIN, Rosa PARKS, Aimé CÉSAIRE, Nelson MANDELA, Simone VEIL, and other significant figures in the fight for human rights.

Ernesto NOVO also has been chosen to paint a portrait on the façade of Serge GAINSBOURG's house in Paris, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the artist's passing. His artistic vision will pay tribute to the iconic legacy of Serge GAINSBOURG in a celebration of creativity and remembrance.

ERNESTO AT LFSF: his murals and his work in the Classroom

Partnering with Ernesto opens a window into the vibrant artistic traditions, perspectives, and trends within the French-speaking world. This collaborative exchange cultivates a broader comprehension of diverse artistic expressions, empowering students to nurture a global perspective.

On our campus, Ernesto was invited to participate in several classrooms: in the visual arts classes, as well as with Science and Theatre teachers on a women in STEM project.

His work on the murals, on each campus, was born from a collaboration with students and staff. On the Ortega campus, for example, the objective was to illustrate 8 local icons who inspire us and symbolize the values inherent in our community. A survey allowed to select :

  • Maya ANGELOU - American memoirist, poet, and civil rights activist
  • Susan CERVANTES - American artist at the forefront of the San Francisco mural movement
  • Dominique CRENN - Only female Chef in the United States to attain three Michelin stars
  • Tom HANKS - American actor and filmmaker
  • Dolores HUERTA - American labor leader and civil rights activist
  • Bruce LEE - Hong Kong-American martial artist and actor
  • Harvey MILK - American politician and the first openly gay man elected to public office in California
  • Tommy ORANGE - an American novelist and writer from Oakland, California

The Ashbury and Sausalito murals feature students in action, and illustrate the tight friendships that unite our students through the primary, middle and high school years.

Joining forces with Ernesto offers a unique opportunity for students to expand their artistic horizons and engage with the rich cultural landscape of the French-speaking community. We are delighted to welcome Ernesto to LFSF. We are confident that this experience will be highly enriching for our students, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the artistic and socially engaged universe of Ernesto NOVO.

Head of school Emmanuel Texier, during the inauguration of Ernesto Novo's artwork

Inauguration ceremony

Our adventure with Ernesto concluded with a beautiful inauguration ceremony.

Susan CERVANTES, a legend for Ernesto, attended the event in person, while Dominique CRENN, who was not available as out of the country at the time, sent a message to share with the crowd. It was moving to understand how touching it was for Susan CERVANTES, to find herself in good company with (close) friends of hers, such as Dolores HUERTA, Harvey MILK and Maya ANGELOU. All icons who together make the cultural fabric of our beautiful Bay Area.