Choosing LFSF as your International School

Welcome to LFSF

The Lycée Français de San Francisco (LFSF) is an independent international school, and the largest French American program in Northern California.

At LFSF, our objective is to inspire future generations to make positive and impactful contributions to our world through a multilingual and multicultural education that lasts a lifetime. We provide a unique educational program accredited by the French Ministry of Education that helps our Preschool through High School students build confidence and adaptability in their ever-changing world.

With their French and US diplomas, our graduates carry the excellence of the education they received and the spirit of openness, curiosity and integrity shaped at LFSF.

What do you like best about LFSF?.. There is no question that our children are learning. Our boys have been coming home and have said to us without being asked, "I'm learning so much!" Teachers and staff are thoughtful and caring. We see our children embracing French culture a little bit more every week! 

LFSF parent


LFSF, THE LOCAL reference in bilingual education

Providing Bay Area families with a high quality bilingual education, that’s our mission at LFSF! For over 50 years, LFSF has been leading the way in terms of multilingual education, and is the largest French American program in Northern California with an American  international section from Gr1 to High School. That's know how you can trust!



All experts agree: to optimize bilingualism, it is advised to start your child’s linguistic immersion early. At LFSF, it starts at age 2 with La Petite Ecole, in Sausalito. The Preschool program is the ideal way to gently prepare for school. The program continues on and concludes with LFSF High, a rigorous, international college prep. Over the past 5 yrs, on average, 50% of our seniors are LFSF Lifers!


A day at the beach for LFSF campers

We're here for you, All YEAR AROUND 

Life does not stop when the bell rings... and we also understand that our parents' calendar does not always match ours. This is the reason why LFSF offers a wide range of options in terms of services such as before and after daycare, 100+ after school activities, and a wide variety of fun camps during school breaks. We make sure to always have something fun to offer, all year around! 


LFSF j'adore

50 to 55% of our students have at least one French parent. This is a unique and great advantage for all. It explains the strong, authentic level of French and bilingualism of our students!


Most LFSF students become fluent in a second language in their very early years. They not only speak, they write, read and learn in that language as comfortably as they do in their primary language. Moreover, students are ready to learn and introduced to a third language by the end of their Elementary school years. A gift like this opens doors throughout their lifetime.

At LFSF, students don’t simply learn languages—they live them. Language immersion in the classroom, through exchange programs, and in playdates provides an opportunity for children to learn a language like a native speaker. Bilingual students are more able to navigate among cultures and are uniquely prepared to be global citizens. They are educated in an international environment that values openness, tolerance and fearlessness when approaching new people, communities and experiences.

A path that's unique to you

The richness and quality of the well-rounded French immersion program offered at the LFSF prepares today's children to become the responsible and informed adults of tomorrow. The program is well-rounded and academically challenging. It also provides many opportunities to explore and eventually tailor your path to your interests.


A Vibrant, international community

For many international families, LFSF is where they find a home and a community. After the quality of our program, some parents may admit it is our greatest strength. On our three campuses, we count some 50 nationalities and 36 languages. The resilience of our community has been especially clear during the pandemic!




LFSF is part of the AEFE network of some 500 French international schools offering similar programs in major cities around the world. This vast network is a tremendous asset for students interested in studying abroad, or for families who can rely on it in case of a  relocation, or a family adventure for a year or two...


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Why French?

French is one of the very few languages spoken all over the world. It is unusual in that it often exists alongside other languages in multilingual contexts. At LFSF, our mission is not to teach French but to deliver a rigorous program and educate mindful and globally-minded students, fully comfortable with the many cultures of the world... in French!


The Independent school advantage has been made especially obvious during the COVID pandemic. While most local public schools remained online, LFSF was the first French school to reopen and welcome students back on campus!

The independent school advantage

Independent schools are non-profit private schools that are independent in philosophy: each is driven by a unique mission. They are also independent in the way they are managed and financed. They are accountable to their communities and are accredited by state-approved accrediting bodies. It is independence, in the truest sense of the word. The San Francisco Bay Area hosts many independent schools, each with its own specificities, enabling you to find the one that will best suit your child and family. They all share common characteristics that we detailed below.