Words from the Head of School

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Dear parent,

The 2020-2021 school year started in the middle of a pandemic that shook the world but ended with hope. And hope is so important in a school that is all about the future!

The past school year has been a challenge, for the students, for the teachers, and for all of us, but our community did what it does best: it pivots, adapts, and pivots again in order to ensure the continuity of teaching and learning. We all learned a lot. We learned about ourselves and others. We learned new tools and techniques. We learned to be resilient and we made it through. Together.

Last Fall, LFSF was the first immersion school to be authorized to reopen by local Health authorities. In 2021-2022, LFSF will continue to look ahead and seek to innovate to provide the very best for our students and prepare them for a global world. We will continue to encourage our students to use their knowledge and critical thinking skills to look at the world from multiple perspectives and through many lenses, bridging cultures and thriving in the international diversity of our community.

To do so, they'll be mentored and supported by dedicated teams of educators and professionals fully committed to helping them realize their potential while developing empathy, integrity and the sense of civic responsibility.

To you, prospective parent, I highly encourage you to learn more about our program, and the many events, competitions, and other opportunities our challenging curriculum of learning and self discovery offers.  Ultimately, I hope you will reach out to our Admissions team, and that I will personally have the privilege to welcome you to our community! 

Emmanuel TEXIER, Head of School

From the desk of the Head of School