#HowWeGotThis | Faculty STEAM | A. RITZU

For this new edition of #HowWeGotThis, Anton Ritzu, our Innovation & Technology teacher and coordinator, explains how he had to adapt his teaching approach because of the Covid-19 pandemic and tells us more about his upcoming new STEAMworks adventure: “Around the World in Eighty Days” .

#HowWeGotThis | Bibliothécaires | Marie-Noëlle HENDREN, Nadine LE MAITRE

Pour cette nouvelle édition de #HowWeGotThis, nous nous entretenons avec Marie-Noëlle HENDREN et Nadine LE MAITRE, nos bibliothécaires des écoles primaires des campus de Sausalito et d'Ashbury, qui assurent l'approvisionnement et l'organisation des bibliothèques de nos campus primaires pendant les 15 à 20 dernières années. 

Spread The Cheer In December!

2020 has been challenging for many of us, so we’re sharing the Advent Calendar festive tradition of revealing small “surprises” each day to help spread the cheer amongst our community and above. LFSF Spread The Cheer Advent Calendar is a collaborative work providing fun ideas and resources, mostly for children, unveiled one day at a time. A special thank you to our librarians for their help in this project!

#HowWeGotThis | Faculty | Q. FODERE + T. CASTANET

For this new edition of #HowWeGotThis, Quentin FODERE and Thomas CASTANET from our MS/HS Math department on the Ortega Campus are exchanging with us on their practical and innovative adaptation to the COVID New Normal!

#HowWeGotThis | Student | Madeleine de BELLOY de SAINT LIENARD

For this new edition of #HowWeGotThis, learn more about Madeleine de BELLOY de SAINT LIENARD, Gr10 student (Seconde), who's been selected to prepare for the International Mathematical Olympiad. She explains what’s ahead for her and how she's been faring the pandemic as a student at LFSF.

#HowWeGotThis | Faculty | M. RADEMACHER

For this new edition of #HowWeGotThis, Molly RADEMACHER, English teacher at the LFSF, on the Ashbury Campus, explains how she had to adapt her teaching approach because of the Covid-19 pandemic and tells us more about her priorities during this year.

LFSF Articles

I'm bilingual! What's your superpower?

At LFSF, students have a superpower: they can speak, read and dream in two, sometimes three, or even four languages! Big deal, some might say, and yet!...

"I live in the city. I go to school in Sausalito!"

A growing number of San Francisco based families make the choice to first enroll in la Petite Ecole, only available in Sausalito. After a year enjoying our sunny and kid-friendly location, most decided to stay. Karen, whose son Tom is now in preschool, explains her family’s choice. 

LFSF @ Sausalito : bilingual education with a Marin flair

This year, our dynamic admissions team has been meeting with a growing number of families moving to Marin in search of a different lifestyle. The attraction of our open campus, safely tucked away, all on one level, filled with light, offering lots of green and open spaces, increasingly seduces families who, for some, make the choice of this campus, even when residing in the city!

LFSF@ Sausalito : A local reference for more than 50 years

Sausalito Currents | Sept 2019
Although LFSF is the first choice of many French and francophone parents in the Bay Area, it also attracts diverse and internationally minded families who want to give their child the gift of bilingualism.

"LFSF is a little jewel of a school for ALL!"

Eric, Jason, and their children Stella and Xavier, joined LFSF five years ago. Today, academically and socially, they're still feeling lucky. And they are committed to doing their part to make sure people know that LFSF is a school where all families are welcome! 

[Article] The gift of Biligualism starts early!

An infant study led by the York University Lifespan Cognitive Development Lab on the benefits of bilingualism on pre-verbal infants is getting momentum in the media. We asked Ashley Chung who visited us last fall for the Bilingual Fair, to explain its findings.