2023 Start'up Lycee

This year, for the 2023 Edition of our Open Learning flagship project Start'up Lycee, our Gr10 students mobilized around the theme of Gender Equity to imagine, design and build a start-up and its business plan.

Budding journalists

Gr 5 B just published their first magazine of the year ! You will find interesting articles brought to you by our budding journalists, publishers, researchers and writers.



MARCH 31 | by option dance + theatre Gr10 students

After two years tainted by confinement and altered social activities, here's an interesting paradox that the Gr 10 students of the dance or theater option will be exploring. Protective or constrictive, alienating or stimulating, 4m2BIS is lived, embodied, and experienced as a personal interior dive out of time.


From APRIL 04 to APRIL 15, on ASH and SAU Campuses
In the context of our Artist in Residence program, we are delighted to welcome Cécile GAMBINI,  illustrator and author of many children books. She will be working with all primary students during her visit, sharing her skills and experience and undoubtedly inspiring them to savour books even more! 


APRIL 01+02 | GR10 | ORT Campus
Start'Up Lycee is a group and project based program, organized annually by LFSF and designed to introduce Gr 10 students to the process of a startup launch. The theme, this year, has not yet been revealed and will only be communicated to students on the first of the 2 day event. 

Speaker Series | Climate Change, a virtual conference

MARCH 23 at 9am | 
French Research Engineer Christophe COILLOT will be making a virtual presentation on climate change, explaining what we currently know and what the perspective for action currently are. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

LFSF Speaker Series | Welcome to Holland

March 22 at 5pm | A hybrid event with RSVP
Nadine VOGEL, mother of two adult daughters who have special needs and CEO of Springboard Global Enterprises, invites you to a 60 min presentation on going through life with disability. She will talk about the unlikely success that can be achieved when taking the road of impossible and ending up in the land of possible and propose new definitions of gratitude and resilience.

SF Ballet Comes to LFSF

MARCH 11 at 6:30pm
Please join us in welcoming the San Francisco Ballet School Trainees! The SF ballet School Trainee Program is coming back to our stage to perform and delight. We are so pleased to have them join us for a delightful performance.

Speaker Series | Cécile ALDUY

MARCH 22 at 6pm | Public and free admission with RSVP
LFSF Parent and Professor in French Literature and Culture at Stanford University, Cécile ALDUY will join us to talk about her new book "La Langue de Zemmour" in a new edition of our LFSF Speaker Series. Her presentation will be followed by a signing session of her book that will be available for sale. 

JOB FAIR | Carrefour des métiers

Carrefour des Métiers | Job Fair will be held on MAR 04 at 8am. The purpose of this event is to provide Gr 9, Gr 10 and Gr 11 students with the opportunity to meet with professionals and discuss their profession to understand how to think about their future, ask questions, confront concepts and reality.


On March 01, High school students will have the chance to meet and chat with the author and great reporter of Le Monde newspaper Annick COJEAN as part of LFSF Speakers Series.

ORT | Science Fair in Gr 6

The Gr6 Science Fair took place this morning!

Organized around 3 themes ( Physics-Chemistry; Biology-Geology; Sociology) it was designed to familiarize students with a proper scientific approach going from problem to hypotheses, experiments, results, and finally conclusions.

Celebrating Black History Month

This week, a group of ORT students representing the Coalition of Black Students and Allies Club visited their Gr5 peers of the ASH and SAU campuses this week. Through a playful game of Bingo, their objective was to introduce students to some of the many Black people who, in Science, Culture, Politics or Sports, had an important impact and made our lives richer.

Getting ready for Lunar New Year

Students are starting to celebrate the Lunar New Year! Chinese decorations, a student exhibition, Lion dances and more events are planned to celebrate Chinese language and culture!

ASH | Living Together and honoring Martin Luther King

ASH Gr5 students watched Dr KING's "I Have a Dream" speech and wrote personal reflections on how it made them feel, the importance of MLK's efforts, and how it relates to today’s world.

"I think (...) Martin Luther KING was fighting for everyone's rights and we should all be grateful for that", said Valentina.

CoderZ League: LFSF World Champion!!

So proud of our students who won the 2021 CoderZ Pro World Competition! The team GODOT (Jules, Christopher, Samantha, Amicie, Esme and Isabella) brilliantly passed the three phases of the competition!!

Climbing wall inauguration

On DEC 08, Head of School Emmanuel TEXIER, President of the Board of Trustees Ilene LEDERMAN and PE Teacher William DESMOLE said a few words to inaugurate the very expected climbing wall, in presence of member of the French National Assembly Roland LESCURE and Consul General of France Frédéric JUNG.

2021 | LFSF Forward to Gr 6 Day

The objective of that day is to introduce Gr5 students to the MS experience at LFSF and to pair them with Gr7 peers. The LFSF Forward program aims at providing the structure for children to make real connections with their older peers and the information to support their decision making while inspiring them to continue their bilingual journey.

Meet Roland LESCURE at LFSF | DEC 08 at 6 PM

On DEC 08 French National Assembly representing the First constituency for French residents overseas (US + Canada), Roland LESCURE, will come to LFSF ORT Campus to meet his constituents for the first time after 20 months of travel ban! We are very excited to host this unique event! Don't forget to register to be able to attend. 

2021 | LFSF Forward to Gr 6 [1]

The objective of that day is to introduce Gr5 students to the MS experience at LFSF and to pair them with Gr7 peers. The LFSF Forward program aims at providing the structure for children to make real connections with their older peers and the information to support their decision making while inspiring them to continue their bilingual journey.

LFSF | La Semaine des Lycées Français du monde 2021

The International Week of the Lycees is an initiative organized by the AEFE every year since 2017. The 5th edition is scheduled from NOV 29 to DEC 4, 2021. This week of awareness, in which all French schools around the world are invited to participate by highlighting educational activities, has both a local and network-wide impact.

A throwback on Día de Muertos

LFSF teacher, Paol TANGUY, is sharing his last article about Día de Muertos, in the continuity of the Hispanic Heritage Month, with a throwback on the past events and suggestions to celebrate this special Mexican holiday.

Launching LFSF Rainbow Radio

Listen to the first 2021 podcast of the student radio!

LFSF Rainbow Radio is the web radio for all our LFSF Community and beyond! It is also a great pedagogical tool allowing students to research and explore various topics, as well as to learn how to prepare and run a radio show.

Good news: the first episode is already live!

XLFSF | A fun endurance race

Our first XLFSF (say Cross-LFSF) was a huge success and a real bonding opportunity for elementary and Gr6 students. They all cheered each other demonstrating their LFSF spirit. Kudos to all runners, parents included! 

Watch the short video compilation of this fun event!

How the Student Support team collaborates with teachers

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. A time when we turn our attention to the 1 in 5 students who learn differently. At LFSF, the Student Support team works directly with over 80 students with learning disabilities.

Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. A time to turn its attention to the one in five students who learn differently because of disorders including: dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Our adventure with Philippe CROIZON goes on!

In the early morning hours of Monday SEPT 13,  journalists from both US and French media were present with their camera and video crew on the stage of the Erick MOREAU Theater. In the center of the stage, Philippe CROIZON was sitting, surrounded by two LFSF students, Noa and Arthur.

LFSF Speaker Series : Philippe CROIZON

SEPT 13 from 9am to 10:30am
Philippe CROIZON is a quadruple amputee for whom the word "impossible" doesn't seem to exist. On SEPT 13, he will be visiting the LFSF to share his experience and inspirational messages with authenticity and humor.

LFSF : All is possible, with Philippe Croizon and INSPIRATION 4

On SEPT 13, after his LFSF Speaker Series conference with our students, Philippe CROIZON will leave the school and head for Cape Canaveral, Fl, where he's been invited by Elon MUSK to attend the take off of Inspiration 4, in preparation for his own trip to space.

#HowWeGotThis | Faculty | A-L BREDEHOFT

Anne-Laure BREDEHOFT, primary teacher at LFSF on the Ashbury campus, tells us more about her teaching experience during the pandemic and  her  current class projects, such as an exchange organized with peer students in an Elementary school in Northern France. 

#HowWeGotThis | Faculty | A.G POISSON

In this new edition of #HowWeGotThis, Anna-Gaëlle POISSON, primary teacher at LFSF on the Ashbury campus, tells us more about teaching her class during this extraordinary year, and about the various projects she and her students are working on, including the upcoming Ambassadeurs en Herbe (Budding Ambassadors) competition.

#HowWeGotThis | Faculty | N. LEISEING MINGO

For this new edition of #HowWeGotThis, Nathalie LEISEING MINGO, English teacher on the primary campus, shares her class projects related to the Diversity in the Arts and the conversation that happened between New York City-based  Choreographer and Dancer, Shamel PITTS and her 4th grade students.

#HowWeGotThis | Faculty | A. MAINE

For this new edition of #HowWeGotThis, Amina MAINE, English Department Coordinator at LFSF, is giving her insights on the Educational Record Bureau (ERB) test in a multilingual environment and the organizational adaptations required during the pandemic.

#HowWeGotThis | Mandarin Teacher | C. MESNILDREY

Chinese New Year took place on FEB 12. It was the occasion to meet Christelle MESNILDREY, Mandarin teacher at LFSF, who shared her passion about teaching Madarin and how she is adapting during Covid-19 pandemic.

#HowWeGotThis | Start'Up Lycée | C. Allexandre [Coach]

For this new edition of #HowWeGotThis,  Chris Allexandre, one of the coaches in the the 2021 edition of Start’Up Lycée, shares his experience with this year's online format, and explains how he focused on helping students fully benefit from the project. 

#HowWeGotThis | Advancement | N. HAUTAVOINE

For this new edition of #HowWeGotThis, Nathalie HAUTAVOINE, Director of Advancement at LFSF explains how she and her team proactively adapted to the new normal in 2020 and shares her projects and goals for 2021.

#HowWeGotThis | College Counseling | N. BITTON

For this new edition of #HowWeGotThis, Natalie BITTON, Director of College Counseling & Guidance at LFSF, on the Ortega Campus, explains how she and her team proactively adapted to the new normal in 2020 and shares the projects and goals for this school year.

#HowWeGotThis | Faculty STEAM | A. RITZU

For this new edition of #HowWeGotThis, Anton Ritzu, our Innovation & Technology teacher and coordinator, explains how he had to adapt his teaching approach because of the Covid-19 pandemic and tells us more about his upcoming new STEAMworks adventure: “Around the World in Eighty Days” .

Spread The Cheer In December!

2020 has been challenging for many of us, so we’re sharing the Advent Calendar festive tradition of revealing small “surprises” each day to help spread the cheer amongst our community and above. LFSF Spread The Cheer Advent Calendar is a collaborative work providing fun ideas and resources, mostly for children, unveiled one day at a time. A special thank you to our librarians for their help in this project!

#HowWeGotThis | Student | Madeleine de BELLOY de SAINT LIENARD

For this new edition of #HowWeGotThis, learn more about Madeleine de BELLOY de SAINT LIENARD, Gr10 student (Seconde), who's been selected to prepare for the International Mathematical Olympiad. She explains what’s ahead for her and how she's been faring the pandemic as a student at LFSF.

#HowWeGotThis | Faculty | M. RADEMACHER

For this new edition of #HowWeGotThis, Molly RADEMACHER, English teacher at the LFSF, on the Ashbury Campus, explains how she had to adapt her teaching approach because of the Covid-19 pandemic and tells us more about her priorities during this year.

#HowWeGotThis | Faculty | O. COMBEAU

For this new edition of the #HowWeGotThis series, Olivier COMBEAU, LFSF Economics and Social Sciences teacher on the Ortega Campus, explains how the health crisis is changing his teaching approach and tells us more about his projects for the year.

#HowWeGotThis | The Parent Association

We are meeting with members of the LFSF PA, the school’s parent association to understand how the current health crisis is impacting the role of the PA in organizing community events and supporting school initiatives.

LFSF Under Covid | #HowWeGotThis [Video]

The LFSF pivoted and continues to adapt to the health crisis, working hard on re-imagining the school journey and making this new normal a good experience for students and families.

Summer Camp 2020: #WeGotThisLFSF

As our LFSF AES and Camp Director, Andrew Sobol, is successfully concluding his 3rd week of camp, on location, our Sausalito campus. We met with him to understand how LFSF camps were organized to safely welcome children and adults and get his feedback, as back to school 2020 is right around the corner.

2020 Baccalaureat Results

We are so proud to announce the results of the 2020 Baccalaureat exam.Our Class of 2020 distinguished itself with a 100% of success and a remarkable 45% of highest honors.

Baccalaureat and Brevet 2020

In light of the current health crisis, the French Ministry of Education is reviewing the conditions in which the Baccalaureat and the Brevet will be delivered.


LFSF @Night of Ideas 2020 !

LFSF is a curating partner and the only school participating in the upcoming 2020 Night of Ideas, on FEB 01 at the Main Public Library in San Francisco

Start'Up Lycee 2020 Kickoff | DEC 06

Start’Up Lycee 2020 kicks off on DEC 06, 2019! The event is a unique opportunity for Gr10 students to be introduced to the startup environment. The theme of the year is "Bold Business For A Better Planet"

"I live in the city. I go to school in Sausalito!"

A growing number of San Francisco based families make the choice to first enroll in la Petite Ecole, only available in Sausalito. After a year enjoying our sunny and kid-friendly location, most decided to stay. Karen, whose son Tom is now in preschool, explains her family’s choice. 

LFSF | Congratulations to Chiara

Congratulations to Chiara who has been selected to be part of the AEFE orchestra with about 70 other students from all around the world! #studentsuccess

Choisir LFSF : une éducation bilingue, multiculturelle hors pair

Au Lycée Français de San Francisco, école homologuée et conventionnée, la qualité du programme français est bien naturellement une force majeure.

L’immersion en français commence dès le plus jeune âge puisque La petite École propose dès l’âge de 2 ans, un programme pour les tout petits.

2019 College Matriculations

Congratulations to our Seniors for their well-deserved and mindfully chosen college acceptances! Their results are reflective of their character, talent and hard work : they make us proud!

BACCALAUREAT 2019 : The Results

It is with a lot of pride and joy we are sharing the outstanding results of our senior to the 2019 Baccalaureat! 100% of success with 84% of honors and 29% of highest honors (mention TB)!

Reflection on Innovation, from a Senior's perspective

"What is innovation to me? It's everything from building apps to creating lipstick." Some years ago, Hannah was a little girl struggling to speak French when she started at LFSF. Today, as she is getting ready to embark on a new chapter at Columbia University, she can officially add Python to her list of languages.

"LFSF is a little jewel of a school for ALL!"

Eric, Jason, and their children Stella and Xavier, joined LFSF in 2014. Today, academically and socially, they're still feeling lucky. And they are committed to doing their part to make sure people know that LFSF is a school where all families are welcome! 

Artists in Residence, a great opportunity for our students

For the past few years, thanks to parents' generous donations, LFSF students have enjoyed the visits of artists in residence coming from France. Edouard MANCEAU is coming to visit us for the next two weeks. We asked a few questions to Nadine LEMAITRE, librarian on the Ashbury campus. 

LFSF Pride : Celebrating our Diversity

On April 12th 2019, LFSF will celebrate its first edition of Pride Day. Initiated by the LGTBQ+ club, the day will focus on promoting LGBTQ+ awareness at school. We asked Eden HITZKE who leads the LGBTQ+ club at the school, to tell us more about this event.

Maths en Jeans 2019: a researcher's perspective

Gilles Bailly-Maitre is a researcher from La Rochelle University in France, and has been working with our students for Math en Jeans. We asked him a few questions about his involvement in the 2019 Math en Jeans conference.

Open learning: au Lycée Français de San Francisco, on réinvente l’école

Open Learning, ce sont toutes les activités et initiatives qui permettent d’élargir les apprentissages au-delà du monde traditionnel de l’éducation, offrant ainsi à la salle de classe la possibilité de s’articuler harmonieusement et stratégiquement avec le monde économique et social qui l’entoure. 

LFSF at the SF Bilingual Fair

The second edition of the SF Bilingual Fair on Saturday was the demonstration of a real growing interest of Bay Area parents for bilingualism and bilingual education. The main actors of bilingual education were present, and LFSF was leading the way, as the main sponsor and presenter of the event.

The Early Learning Program at LFSF

Early education has been a priority and a specificity of the French education program for many years. The skills acquired by children during the very first years at school are important for their academic future and their social development.

How to best prepare your child : the benefits of bilingualism

What skills do children need today to become positive actors of their global generation? That is a question most parents come to address when considering schools for their kids. In the vast selection of options available in the Bay Area, multilingual schools like LFSF provide children with a true advantage.

A great first year in La Petite Ecole!

La Petite Ecole is the part time program launched last fall on our Sausalito campus. We are talking with Claire FRANCE who is running the program and asked her to reflect on this first year.

2018 University results

Congratulations to our Seniors for their first college acceptances! Their results are the result of their talent and hard work and they make us proud!


Professor Jay LEVY, MD, AIDS and cancer researcher, and educator at UCSF, will speak about his work and his latest research.

TLF Inauguration: a beautiful evening

What a beautiful event we had to celebrate the inauguration of the new and renovated TLF! The auditorium was full to share this special moment, and followed closely from France!

2018 "Ambassadeurs en Herbe"  (AEH, Budding Ambassadors)

Each year, about one hundred schools from the AEFE network mobilize to participate in this project that puts in practice plurilingualism, linguistic and cultural mediation skills around current international, transversal and pluridisciplinary issues.  


Early February, LFSF was one of the lead sponsors of the much awaited 1st SF Bilingual Fair! With over 600 visitors, the event organized by the web news platform French Morning clearly positioned LFSF as one of the leaders in bilingual education in the Bay Area.


The day will be filled with plenty of fun and informative activities. Conferences are scheduled from 10:00 am till 3pm. Two are organized by LFSF: learn more about our speakers!


We are looking for teachers to fill a few open postions in September 2018? Looking for an exciting opportunity to join our vibrant Faculty team? Learn more here...

JAN 19 + 20 | 2018 START'UP LYCEE

Gr 10, 11 and 12 students have the unique opportunity to create and develop their start'up in 48hr with the unique coaching of Bay Area professionals.


The admissions deadline for the school year 2018-2019 is JAN 8. Make sure to submit and complete your application before this date to improve your chance to be accepted.


FIRST LEGO League challenges kids to think like scientists and engineers. 
During the 2017 season, teams had to choose and solve a real-world problem related to the theme of the year: Hydro Dynamics.