DEIB | ACTION PLAN 2023 2024

DEIB Action Plan 2023-2024 School Year

Advancing Inclusivity and Multiculturalism at LFSF

During the 2022-23 school year, in line with our Diversity statement and as part of the DEIJ Action Plan, we assessed the strategy and impact of our school-wide initiatives with an online survey and with feedback from focus groups.   With this qualitative and qualitative data, in addition to data collected from all departments throughout all three campuses, we have developed a clear action plan for the coming school year.

This school year, we are looking to focus on:

Equitable Systems

Equitable systems in a school community promote fairness, inclusivity, academic achievement, social and emotional well-being, community building, and prepare students for a diverse world. 

Our data overwhelmingly shows that people in our community are looking to participate, advocate and collaborate on building sustainable systems that meet the needs of our school.  With the goal of creating an environment where all students have equal opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive, we will support our community in these areas:

  • Creation of an Equity and Belonging Team that will consist of a cross-section of faculty, staff and administrators that will review, analyze and implement institutional equity initiatives, specifically based on data from the school community.

  • With the leadership team, continue to develop institutional policies and practices that build equitable systems and a culture of belonging for all members of the LFSF community.

  • Offer training and develop leadership opportunities for non-teaching staff to ensure a well-rounded and inclusive school community.

Lack of Representation

All constituent groups reported a need to further diversify our student body to “provide valuable opportunities for students to learn from and engage with individuals from different backgrounds.” The following are our recommendations:

Systematize Anti-Bias Hiring Practices and Build Recruitment Processes

  • Specifically, recruit faculty from underrepresented groups to grow a more diverse teaching staff.

Inclusion Work

  • Continue to highlight multicultural holidays and make visible the many cultures and identities that exist at our school, in our academic programing and beyond.  We will continue to liaison with the teachers, parents and students to support initiatives that educate and give students windows, mirrors and doors to what diversity is at LFSF.

  • Increasing support for gender identity and gender equity (in athletics, recess socialization and academic achievement), in addition to creating inclusive classrooms for neurodiverse learners.  Our commitment to our students drives us to continuously seek additional ways to support their evolving needs both now and in the future.

Training for Faculty and Staff

All constituent groups reported with urgency, a need for a Social Emotional Learning curriculum and training and resources for supporting neurodiverse students. This year we will focus on the following initiatives towards that goal:

SEL Advisory Board

  • Create an advisory board consisting of a cross-section of our community that will facilitate the research and discussion of adopting a school-wide SEL program (preschool to 12th grade)

Inclusive Classrooms

  • Students reported a need to develop relationships with adults and to be seen as an individual.  We will continue to provide training for faculty and staff on creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all students.

  • Through the collaboration of our Student Learning and Wellness Team and Faculty and Staff, we will continue to strengthen our support for neurodiverse and differentiated learners, through student intervention and classroom aide in all grades.  We have committed to provide pedagogical training all year long to develop an inclusive educational environment for all.

Community and Belonging 

Across the board, all members of our community are asking to be seen and heard.  From students looking for connections with adults in the community to non-French families looking for ways to connect - we see an immediate need to focus our efforts on building a sense of community and belonging by:

  • Prioritizing initiatives that foster a sense of belonging such as: parent affinity groups, school assemblies, cultural celebrations, diversity movie nights, guest speakers, multicultural performances and community workshops.

  • Fostering a culture of collaboration within the LFSF community to ensure a shared sense of school pride and personal connections to the school's mission, vision, and values.

  • All constituencies identified the need to address bullying and microaggressions.  Students and parents ranked this as significant in impeding inclusion and belonging and students expressed a desire for adults in the community to be more proactive and adept at addressing these behaviors.  We will look to address this through various initiatives: SEL programming, Buddy Programs, Relationship Mapping, and training of our pedagogical leadership team to ensure that they can guide faculty and staff in these areas.

  • Create more opportunities for students to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds through exchange programs and community service projects.

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