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Community Ressource: Discover Teuko, the #1 lunchbox community

Teuko addresses the lunch packing fatigue with a free web resource that helps parents save time and leaves them feeling inspired and motivated

Finding new ideas for what to pack in your child's lunchbox is a tricky and sometimes painful process for busy parents. No matter your expertise or effort, the same problem presents itself every day.

What food should you pack? How do you pack a meal that's healthy and delicious without expending too much time or effort? How do you come up with new ideas when you're starved for inspiration?

Jessica and Alexandra are two moms from the LFSF@Ashbury campus who prepare lunch boxes every day for their young kids. They met several times while volunteering at school. But it was a pure coincidence when they met again and found out that they were both trying, separately, to pack healthy lunches their children would enjoy. Together they started Teuko, a free web resource platform when parents can discover lunchbox ideas, track their own style and boost their inspiration. 

You can discover more, such as thousands of lunchbox ideas, powered by real moms and dads around the world, on!


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