12 awards for LFSF at the SFMUN

This past weekend our MUN team participated in the San Francisco city wide Model United Nations (SFMUN) at Lowell High School. 

The San Francisco United Nations is an annual two-day conference that brings together delegates. Made by young people, for young people, the SFMUN aims to unite United Nations students and allow them to challenge themselves on current diplomatic issues. 

After 18 hours of intensive work on various topics such as "Elon Musk - Crisis: Race to the Red Planet" or "Mexico - UNODC", our students brilliantly won 12 awards.

It was an amazing experience : they strengthened their public speaking, teamwork and leadership skills, they also developed their intellectual curiosity and made friends. They found new ways to creatively solve today's biggest global issues.

A special congrats to :

Madeleine - Outstanding Delegate Award
Alexandra - Outstanding Delegate Award
August - Outstanding Delegate Award
Sebastien - Outstanding Delegate Award
Alexandre - Outstanding Delegate Award
Anthony - Outstanding Delegate Award
Otto - Outstanding Delegate Award
Rhea - Research Award
Alessandro - Research Award 
Arthur - Honorable Mention
Anastasia -Verbal Mention
Lea - Verbal Mention

The LFSF is proud to be among the most awarded high schools of the event. A big bravo to all of our 27 participants!

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