2018 "Ambassadeurs en Herbe"  (AEH, Budding Ambassadors)

Ambassadeurs en Herbe 2018


The "Ambassadeurs en Herbe"  (AEH, Budding Ambassadors) initiative is a great opportunity for our students to put in practice plurilingualism and linguistic and cultural mediation skills around current international, transversal and pluridisciplinary issues. Through "oratory tournaments", the competition also allows students to develop their public speaking skills.The competition is in French and in English (the language of the host country) which requires the use of sharp linguistic skills. 

Each year, about one hundred schools from the AEFE network mobilize to participate in the project. This 6th edition will give students new opportunities to discover, reflect, exchange and express themselves on the arts as the AEFE places the 2017-2018 school year under the banner of arts and cultural education.


On Monday, March 12 and Tuesday, March 13, all the Budding Ambassador teams met in Ottawa. 5 students from the LFSF, from Gr5 through 9, represented our school, along with Patrice Possenti, Director of the Ashbury Campus and Gilles Portaz, History and Geography teacher.

The semi-finale and the finale took place at the French Embassy and were chaired by Kareen Rispal, the Ambassador of France in Ottawa. Alice Decugis represented our school at the finale.

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