2021 | LFSF Forward to Gr 6 Day

Fostering social connexions that enhance students' bilingual journey

DEC 08 | All day

The objective of the day is to introduce Gr5 students to the MS experience and to pair them with Gr7 peers in order to inspire them to continue their bilingual journey at LFSF.

Gr5 students at ORT

11am-12:30pm Lunch and social time

Gr 5 students arrived at ORT campus for Lunch. They were paired with a Gr7 student and started to connect. Play-based activities (such as completing a map of the campus and answering diverse questions) guided the conversation and help initiate the connection.

12:30pm - 3pm: Sports activities

Gr5 students were VIPs on ORT campus! They were the very first ones to be trained and to climb the wall recently erected on the ORT campus! PE Teachers trained our buddying climbers. 

While some students were getting familiarized with our new and wonderful asset, others were playing ping-pong, basketball and stretching and doing yoga. 

* the construction of our beautiful Climbing wall was made possible thanks to generous donations to the LFSF Annual Fund. It is sponsored by Decathlon.

3pm-4pm: Workshops

Gr5 students followed workshop led by ORT Science teachers. They visited the labs and did science experiments in Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

From 3:30pm, their parents were invited to join us on the ORT campus in accordance with LFSF protocols.

4pm - 4:30pm : Gathering in the Theatre Erick Moreau and campus tour

Head of School Emmanuel TEXIER welcomed students and their parents in our beautiful auditorium. Following his remarks, and the performance of some MS students, they got a tour of the campus guided by Gr7 students.

5pm : Climbing wall demonstration by Gr5 students and Official Inauguration of the LFSF Climbing Wall


What is LFSF Forward and Why is it important 

The LFSF program encompasses multiple phases of a child's education. Each transition can generate questions or concerns for students and their parents. 

When students have a positive and connected experience in anticipation of this transition, they experience a sense of belonging that supports learning in and out of the classroom as well as deepens their friendships and social networks.  

This LFSF Forward program aims at providing

  • the structure for children to make real connections with their older peers and
  • the information for both students and their parents 

to support their decision making and inspire them to continue their bilingual journey.

What's the next step

DEC 08 is just the first step in this program.

Parents and students will be invited to attend an information session to present practical and academic information pertaining to this important transition. Details to follow.

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