5 reasons to choose LFSF

When time comes to choose an education for your toddler, choices are bountiful in the San Francisco Bay Area. We thought we'd make it easier for prospective parents to identify the top 5 reasons to choose LFSF . The truth is, this is just the beginning! Our admissions team will be happy to tell you more.

1. A reference in terms of bilingual education

Providing Bay Area families with a high quality bilingual and multilingual education, that’s the mission of the Lycée Français de San Francisco (LFSF). For more than 50 years, LFSF has been locally leading the way in terms of multilingual education, and is in fact the only school offering a truly multilingual and multicultural education, with an international section from primary to secondary school.

The bilingual education provided at LFSF is regularly inspired by the latest findings in linguistic and pedagogical research. Researchers from The Lifespan Cognitive Development, a cognitive neuroscience laboratory in the Department of Psychology at York University directed by Dr. Ellen Bialystok, come to share the results of their studies examining the effect of bilingualism on cognitive and linguistic processing across the lifespan.

To better teach concepts bilingually to students from many diverse linguistic backgrounds, academic teams also work with the Dynamics of In Situ Language Research Centre from the University of Rouen. This is how, just last month, Mehmet-Ali Akinci, the deputy director of the center, was sharing the latest findings on bilingualism and language acquisition for bilingual children.

2. An individualized and resolutely international path

The richness and quality of the well-rounded program offered at the LFSF prepares today's children to become the responsible and informed adults of tomorrow. Perfectly bilingual in both French and English, our students generally speak one or two other languages and on the school's three campuses, some 50 nationalities and 36 languages are listed!

Students can benefit from a personalized journey, marked by enriching and formative experiences that represent unique opportunities to open up to the world and to the professional world.

Among them, the annual school event Start'up Lycée, organized with the HULT International Business School, invites our budding entrepreneurs (i.e. our Gr10 students!) to develop and pitch a start-up concept, guided and supported by business professionals from Silicon Valley.

Partnerships such as the one with the Head of the department of Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University, or with some of the leading Bay Area robotic companies, allow students to understand how class learning can later be applied in real life.

Humanitarian trips to Tanzania, Peru or Vietnam provide practical and direct assistance to the local populations with whom the students are living during their stay.
3. A complete educational offer: from the age of 2, to senior year

All experts agree: to optimize bilingualism, it is advised to start your child’s linguistic immersion early.

At the LFSF, it starts with La Petite Ecole that, from the age of 2, welcomes very young children.  The program, offered exclusively on the Sausalito campus, is the ideal way to gently prepare for preschool. Its mission is to inspire children to learn while developing social skills and allowing them to affirm and develop their personality within the group.

Throughout the Early Program years, children play and learn together, socialize and interact while immersing themselves in the French language. They explore the oral language along multiple other forms of communication: body language, comedy and artistic expression. They develop their gross and fine motor skills. They learn to reason and organize their thoughts, while exploring the world around them.

Year after year, skills and knowledge deepen and students follow their path, forging lasting friendships over the years and developing a strong sense of belonging. Of the 2019 class of young baccalaureate graduates, nearly 60% had known each other since kindergarten!

4. An international network of nearly 500 schools that fits your child’s desire to explore and your family’s life

LFSF, the only AEFE accredited school on the west coast of the United States, is part of a vast network of some 500 French immersion, international schools in the main cities around the world.

This network is an outstanding advantage! It allows for many international competitions, either in sports or in mathematics. It also makes it very easy to spend a semester abroad, either in Europe or in South America, without much impact on the curriculum.

In addition, wherever your professional life may take you, you can benefit from this network to provide your children with a continuous high quality education, from preschool through Gr12.
5. A demonstrated quality and know-how

The LFSF's signature program, strategically focused on languages and the cultures associated with them, naturally gives our young graduates a real international experience and dimension.

The unique education and the personalized attention they received enable them to brilliantly pass exams such as the French Baccalaureate that marks the end of High School. In 2019, LFSF was proud to announce 100% success once again, including 84% of honors. It is important to note that these exceptional results are not only achieved by French children. The LFSF community is very diverse. Lillian, for example, started her LFSF journey in Kindergarten when her parents but do not speak French.

LFSF students can put forward an interesting, unique and particularly attractive profile for the most prestigious international universities. North America remains the leading destination, followed by Europe and France. For them, LFSF opens a world of opportunities.

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