6 Students represents the LFSF for the JIJ

After a two-year-break, the Jeux internationaux de la Jeunesse are back!

6 students have been selected to represent the LFSF in Bruxelles for this key event in the sports and cultural calendars of the National Union of School Sports (UNSS) and the AEFE.

From MAY 30 to JUNE 04, Oliver, Peio, Maxime, Liv, Mia and Mimi will meet students from French international schools all over the world and compete in 

- Badminton

- Obstacle course

- Orienteering race

- Circuit training

- Laser Run

- Cultural and artistic rally

- Rugby Flag

In the meantime, they made a video to showcase our school and their skills.


Go LFSF! Go Bears!


The students kept a journal of their trip:

Day 1 in Belgium!

The JIJ team woke up in our hostel and had the chance to walk around the elephant street and later in the city center and discover the Brussels culture and some remarkable sights and food (Waffles, Mannekin-pis)
then later in the day, the team participated in the opening ceremony of the JIJ, where our own Oliver Kn was the flag bearer for the United States!

Day 2 in Belgium!

The JIJ team woke up and headed out for our first cultural rally in the center of Brussels, we did activities and quizzes all related to Brussels history and contemporary culture! We then had a nice lunch of French fries (from a Belgian French fry shop) and delicious sweet waffles! Later, we attended an assembly on disabilities and the notion of sports disabilities and incapacities and explored options for reducing sports stigma and inequality!

Day 3 in Belgium!

The JIJ got up early and launched the first athletic challenge on the host school campus! The team split into groups of three pairs, and set off on the orienteering course! All groups found every single Beacon! Goooo LFSF!! Next came the "laser race" where the same three pairs participated in a challenge involving sprinting, endurance and precision shooting! All groups did well at first with two tests placing second and third in their races before, unfortunately, the team was plagued by injuries and other inconveniences and quickly lost 3 members. Once everyone was cleaned up and showered, the JIJ team put on their cultural outfits and set up a booth inspired by San Franciscan culture and actively involved in an evening of cultures, where each school showed off their respective culture!!!


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