A French school for a global future?
Radio is a great way for our bilingual students to practice and showcase their language skills

Making the choice of a Bilingual Education? Give your child the advantage!

During the 2018 fall edition of the SF Bilingual Fair, Ashley Chung, of the Lifespan Cognitive Development Lab at York University examining the effect of bilingualism on cognitive processes across the lifespan, demonstrated how learning two languages positively impacts cognitive development.

In fact, research shows that bilingualism broadens a child’s cognitive skills, giving young students an advantage in reading, writing, as well as in science and problem-solving activities, while increasing spatial abilities. Bilingual students develop strong thinking skills, and tend to be better at focusing, remembering and making decisions.

For over 50 years, LFSF, your local French Lycée* in San Francisco and Marin (link to www.lelycee.org), has been a leader in multilingual education. Today, it is the only Bay Area school offering a truly multilingual and multicultural education with an International Section program from Primary through High School that successfully leads students to the French Bac and its international option.

*a network of nearly 500 French Lycées and schools in the world (the AEFE) allows for smooth relocations without any disruption in children’s education.

Our class of 2018 students are well prepared to start their next chapter.

A French school for a global future? Trust the experience!

“When speaking to prospective parents about the value of the education provided at LFSF, I often use a few key numbers as conversation starters. “ explains Mathieu Verloove, at the LFSF Admissions Office.

Here they are:

  • 2 : the number of diploma (US High diploma and French Bac) students typically graduate with, allowing them to easily continue their education in any country in the world

  • 100 : the percentage of success in getting the French Bac over the five past years.

  • 1 : LFSF seniors are accepted in their #1 choice of university


Read more on college counseling and university results at LFSF

The appreciation of world languages and their cultures is important to our international community and important to our mission.

The preferred path to multilingualism ? An early start is best!

Although Ashley Chung would argue that it is never too late to learn a second language and enjoy the benefits of bilingualism, educational professionals will encourage parents to start early, and give their child more time to master the new language before learning new skills in this other language.

At LFSF, the Early Learning program —referred to as “Maternelle”, from the word mother— welcomes children as early as age 2, and offers an interdisciplinary and project oriented approach. Over the course of 3 to 4 years, disciplines such as logics, mathematics, verbal expression, drawing and prewriting, relation of the body in space through physical activity (rolling and tumbling)  are all brought together in a way that is both stimulating and fun.

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