A new added dimension to the LFSF calendar system

LFSF Calendars: what are they and how are they organized

The organization of our LFSF calendars is rich and complex in order to bring you flexibility on following the various events and activities happening at school.

We have public calendars such as the calendar for breaks and vacations*, the school events, the admissions, ...

In addition, we have academic calendars per campus and calendars per administrative department (HR, Advancement, College counseling, ...) displayed on the portals.

As a user, you can toggle between these various calendars in order to see the information that pertains to you.

A new DEIJ calendar

You will now find an additional public public calendar highlighting various holidays, celebrations and other important days of the year.

Check the calendar

This calendar is a living document and in some ways, today, just a starting point. It is open to suggestions from the various members of our international LFSF community as it vows to reflect its richness, to be inclusive and a pedagogical tool for all, in line with our mission&vision.

If you would like to contribute to this calendar, please send us information at communications@lelycee.org. 

*Note: the school calendar (breaks and vacations) is voted by the School Council which is a representative entity composed of school administrators, teachers and parents.



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