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This week Gr5 students discussed civil rights and the civil rights movement in the US. They watched  MLK’s famous "I Have a Dream" speech. 

They also wrote individual reflections on how the speech made them feel, the importance of MLK's efforts, and how it relates to today’s world. Here are a few of the students' comments:

“ I think it (his speech) was a game-changer. He risked his life for people of color, race... “

 “The speech made me feel hopeful.It was amazing how many people were there. (March on Washington)”

“My impression of the civil rights movement is that a lot of people tried hard to stop segregation and some of them even died. But, it is still going on in the world.”

“I think that the speech was to tell people that one day, there will be a change in the world, that one day, racism will end. “

“I think that the speech was very inspiring for me, and probably for a lot of the people attending the speech. It made me hopeful that racism will end, “

“I think that the United States changed because of Martin Luther King and he was fighting for everyones right and we should all be grateful for that..”

“ I think what he said very inspiring and sad.  it was sad that he got shot and that he was not able to finish his dream.The problem is that there still are problems in the world of racism in the world and a lot of colors people are still being harmed.”

“I think it was very inspiring  and it is awesome how you can make things change by non violent protests ..”

“Mr King wrote many speeches (including his I Have a Dream speech) and was very successful.  He fought hard but sadly died, killed at the age of 39. Today we celebrate Martin Luther King every 18 of January. He still lives in many, many, many others hearts.”

“This speech means a lot for a lot of people, i'm not really black (well kinda)but it still feels important. Martin Luther King is one of  the many activists that were not scared to stand up for his skin color.This speech feels very important to millions and millions of people which i think is great. Martin Luther King changed the world while his very short life he made a very big impact in the world.”

Stefaan NEUKERMANS Gr 5 English Teacher


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