BACCALAUREAT 2019 : The Results

It is with a lot of pride and joy we are announcing the 2019 Bac results for LFSF seniors.

These results are the illustration of the talent, and hard work of our bright eyed students, the support of their parents and the professionalism of the LFSF teams who for about half of them, (the LFSF lifers) followed them since preschool!



  • 45 candidates
  • 45 passed 1st round (100%)
  • 38 with merits (84.4%)
  • 13 Mentions TB (28.9%)

L TRACK (Literature)

  • 3 candidates
  • 3 passed 1st round (100%)
  • 3 with merits (100%)
  • 1 Mentions TB (33.3%)

S TRACK (Math and Science)

  • 30 candidates
  • 30 passed 1st round (100%)
  • 24 with merits (80%)
  • 7 Mentions TB (23.3%)

ES TRACK (Economy)

  • 12 candidates
  • 12 passed 1st round (100%)
  • 11 with merits (91.7%)
  • 5 Mentions TB (41.7%)


"Echoing my words from the Graduation ceremony, our seniors have once again proven the excellence of our educational model with, for yet another year, amazing results at the French Baccalauréat examination."

Emmanuel TEXIER, Head of School


"I am very proud of our graduates 2019. They all indeed deserve a laurel wreath ('baccalauréat' refers to bacca laura, the laurel berries that were used to crown the laureatus, the winner).

They worked hard and their results are excellent! After the wonderful graduation ceremony on Saturday and those perfect results tonight, they deserve now to 'sit on their laurels' for a few weeks before college starts.

Thank you to their parents and their teachers who did a great job to help them achieve these terrific results!


Deputy Head of School and Director of the Middle and High School


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