Baccalaureat and Brevet 2020

In light of the current health crisis, the French Ministry of Education is reviewing the conditions in which the Baccalaureat and the Brevet will be delivered.

Although we do not yet have answers to all the questions, we wanted to communicate the essence of what we are aware of at this time.

Some FAQ are available in French on the website of the French Ministry of Education. 


The main information is that the Baccalaureat final examinations for grade 12 are officially cancelled in view of the exceptional situation our countries are going through.

The diploma will be validated on the basis of the grades obtained by the student over the course of the Gr12 school year.  The Jury will decide on the final grades taking into account all the other elements of the report card, including the students’ progression, participation in class, perseverance, and assiduity.

The coefficients for the different subjects in each track will remain the same.


Similarly, students will be assessed based on their school report cards, which already represent 50% of the final grade of the brevet, and validates the student’s knowledge and skills.

Assessments made by teachers during the period of shelter in place will not be taken into consideration, so as not to create unfair treatment between candidates.

As usual, the diploma will be awarded by the Jury of the national diploma of the brevet. This jury already makes its decision on the basis of the student's record card and the grades obtained in the exams. This year, exceptionally, it will base its decision solely on the student's record card.

There will be no oral examination in grade 9 and students will have access to their final report card after the class council. Please note that obtaining the Brevet does not condition the continuation of studies in Gr10. 

Please note that although the cancellation of final examinations for Gr 12 and 9 and written French examination for Gr 11 do apply to our school, there might be minor adaptations to match the reality of our AEFE North America region. Parent meetings will be organized to answer questions and provide more information regarding the Baccalauréat 2020 for the North America AEFE region.




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