Bay To Breakers LFSF team 🏃‍♀️

Last Sunday, The LFSF capes floated in the wind through San Francisco at Bay To Breakers!
It was the first participation in the race for the school. There were 15 runners : 7 students of Gr11, 7 staffs members and 1 parent.

They proudly wore the campus colors with some cape, t-shirts branded with the LFSF logo and bear paws during 12km. Our LFSF Team enjoyed the atmosphere of the race with all the crazy and funny costumes and music bands in the street that makes Bay-to-Breakers’ reputation.

A surprise guest even slipped in among the runners, the LFSF Bear! The mascot made a good impression by representing the LFSF and people even asked to take photos with it. Our runners had a great time and dashed to the finish line successfully in 1h10 to 1h40. 
Congrats everyone for your motivation and your smile!

Sport, and this race in particular, is a great way to strengthen the LFSF community, share a special moment together and promote our school in the Bay Area!
Watch the aftermovie right here

See you next year on the starting line?! 



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