BOARD | Message on 2020-2021 tuition fees and more

Dear families,

As we are launching our re-enrollment campaign, we would like to take a moment to thank you for choosing LFSF!  We are writing to share 2020-2021 tuition rates and a few exciting highlights of what is to come in the new school year, like our new strategic plan entitled LFSF 2025.  

Each year, our Board works closely with the Head of School and his leadership team on the strategic initiatives that we believe will enrich our students. Therefore, when making these important decisions, we remain acutely sensitive to how these investments will affect any resulting tuition and fee changes. LFSF is dedicated to offering an amazing value, without compromising the quality of education, or the programs provided.  For the 2020-2021 academic year, we continue to maintain strategically lower rates within the competitive private/independent school landscape of the Bay Area.  

We work hard to ensure we maintain the most affordable tuition levels possible.  As such we will continue to count on the generous support of families to help cover the financial gap between tuition and operating costs.  In fact, diversity, as part of our Strategic Plan, is a key priority for our school and is primarily funded through advancement efforts like the  LFSF Annual Fund. The scholarships, made available through the Fund, help preserve the social diversity of our community.  We look forward to sharing future initiatives for advancement with you in the coming months.  

We have a lot to look forward to in 2020-2021!

From the wonders of the early years, to the many opportunities provided through our personalized, academically-rigorous French program - delivered by our dedicated professeurs and supporting staff; an LFSF education truly empowers students and prepares them for the challenges of tomorrow.  What a gift this multilingual education is to our children!  

The new French Baccalauréat is in full gear this year, enhancing our High School educational program with new exciting options for Grade 11 and 12 students. The quality of our programs and services is the cornerstone of our students' success and the reason for your renewed trust. We are especially proud of the impressive early round acceptances to leading universities in the US and in Europe of our 2019 graduates, and now 2020 seniors are having amazing successes as well!  

We continue to focus on the strengths of our school: offering a uniquely rich artistic, cultural and linguistic opportunity to our students. Our priorities illustrate our focus on maintaining academic excellence in our core programs, while providing a wonderful experience for our students, family, and community at large.  A large part of that experience occurs on our campuses.  We will continue to invest in ensuring students get the most at their school.  When you return to school this fall, you will notice the new climbing wall at the Ortega campus, an enhanced stage and multipurpose room at Ashbury, and a new Petite Section classroom at Sausalito.   

An important initiative the board has chosen to pursue as part of our Strategic Plan, is to accomplish a full greening of the school, that we are calling our Sustainable Future initiative. 

The first two measures adopted by the Board are: the purchase of clean electricity on all campuses, and second to enter in agreement with the City of San Francisco’s Green Infrastructure Grant Program. The grant will cover the costs of design and construction and will allow for further environmentally smart beautification of the school. The project supports biodiversity preservation in creating native habitats for butterflies and other pollinators, and implements state of the art water management, while replacing our basket-ball court at Ortega.

The intent of the Board is that our community unite in our commitment to protect and preserve natural resources for  generations to come, promoting global environmental stewardship as a core value of multiculturalism. We will continue to enact environmentally responsible changes school-wide to do our part to provide a better world for our students' future. We are very enthusiastic about these enhancements and we are confident the investments will naturally support sustainability for the school while immediately impacting the pedagogical and social-emotional experience for all students. 

The re-enrollment campaign will open online on Wednesday, February 12th. It will last until Wednesday, February 26th, 2020. We thank you for your renewed trust and are looking forward to welcoming your child at LFSF next fall!



President of the Board of Trustees


2020-2021 Tuition Fees | Frais de scolarité

  • Petite Ecole [Part Time] | Petite Ecole [Matinées] : $18,310 
  • Petite Ecole + Happy Play : $25,520
  • Preschool to Gr 5 | PS au CM2  :  $25,520
  • Gr 6 to Gr 8 | de la 6eme à la 4eme :  $27,090
  • Gr 9 to Gr 12 | de la 3eme à la Terminale : $33,490


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