Educational benefits of a colorful preschool classroom

Educational benefits of a colorful classroom

La Petite Ecole is embracing a rainbow of colors



Since the beginning of the school year, La Petite Ecole has been partaking in a weekly ritual: each week they pick a color. Then, they dress using clothes of that color and do activities in that palette to learn the different colors around them.

Last week, La Petite Ecole embraced the color red, inviting our students to wear red clothes and engage with red toys.

Let's explore the educational advantages of this color-focused activity for LPE students: 

Kids playing with red toys

Sensory Learning: 

Engaging with red clothes and toys stimulates sight and touch, enhancing sensory exploration and fine motor skills.


Kids in library

Language Development:

Conversations about colors build vocabulary and communication skills as children associate words with their experiences.


Kids playing with colors

Cognitive Growth:

Sorting and categorizing items of color develop cognitive skills like problem-solving and pattern recognition.

Kids reading and talking

Emotional Awareness:

Exploring red helps children recognize and express emotions, fostering emotional development.

Kids painting

Creativity and Social Skills:

Red inspires creativity, and group play encourages social skills, cooperation, and teamwork.

These color-focused activities make learning enjoyable while nurturing essential skills, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of discovery at LFSF.




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