Congratulations, Class of 2022

You've been cleared for take off! Now go explore the world!

The remarkable group of 46 bright Senior students has been a real source of pride for all of us over the past few months. From impressive university acceptances and matriculations to remarkable Baccalaureat results, the level of the Class of 2022's academic results is only matched by their touching and genuine camaraderie. 

Get to know them and learn more about their astonishing results

Their results are the culmination of many things of course and mostly, their hard work and perseverance; the loving support of their family; the excellence of the educational system their parents chose for them; and the personalized attention their teachers provided year and year. As they are getting ready to take off and go explore the world, we invite them to remember the school where they shared so many fond memories with a uniquely precious group of friends some have known for years. 

This is one of the amazing strengths of our school : the depth of the connection between students, the personalized attention they get, the ease with which newcomers can feel at home, the extra miles teachers will go to make sure their students succeed, and the unwavering support of our community.

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