Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice: An LFSF Parent Workshop

May 18, 2021 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Interactive Zoom Event  

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... Raising students to live in a bubble — a white bubble, a black bubble, a Latino bubble, whatever type of bubble you want to call it — is not to your benefit in a global society.
— Dr. Derrick Gay, New York Times

Diversity, equity, inclusion and justice are core values of the Lycée Français de San Francisco and a focus of the LFSF Board of Trustees that set out to actively make DEIJ a priority, making them the pillars of our school's culture. 

In this context, LFSF parents are invited to attend an interactive, 90 minutes long workshop with Dr. Derrick GAY.

Dr. GAY will focus on foundational themes such as intercultural competency, identity, diversity, inclusion, and equity in French and US settings and how to apply strategies to discuss these important values with children.

This workshop is brought to you by LFSF and the LFSF Parent Association.



Dr. Derrick GAY is a Diversity and Inclusion Strategist who consults with organizations, both domestically and abroad, Over the past 23 years, he has partnered with over 500 organizations across numerous sectors to deepen D&I capacity; enhance inclusion and engagement; attract, hire, and retain the best talent; and design strategy to maximize business and education goals.

Dr. GAY is a proud graduate of Whitney Young Magnet High School; Merit School of Music; Oberlin College, Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Columbia University, and The University of Pennsylvania.

Derrick’s work ranges from facilitating parent workshops, executing school climate assessments, guiding administrative teams through designing and implementing strategic inclusivity plans, presenting student workshops, training boards on issues of community life, delivering keynotes to regional consortia and providing faculty and staff professional development.

Dr. GAY has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Business of Fashion, The Huffington Post, El Tiempo Latino and on NPR, The Brian Leher Show, and 60 Minutes.  He is also a Forbes contributor and has produced two TEDx Talks: "The Double-Edged Sword," which explores the irony that the word diversity often undermines diversity goals ; and "Why Elephants Hold the Key to Success in the 21st Century," which explores the nature of racial discourse in the United States.  

Finally, an avid traveler and polyglot, Derrick embodies global citizenship. 

Fluent in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, Dr. GAY works around the world in these languages, primarily in the United States, France, Colombia, and Brazil. His approach with global organizations is informed by having traveled and lived around the world, which informs the design of a meaningful global strategy that resonates with audiences beyond the United States.

Dr. GAY has lived and worked in Argentina, Belgium, Spain, France, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Turkey, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Ecuador, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Jamaica, Guadalupe, Lebanon, Uganda, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

To learn more about Derrick's work, please visit: www.derrickgay.com


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