French classes for parents during the shelter in place

You always wanted to take French classes but never found the time? If the current confinement is leaving you with a little more free time to spare, this may be your chance to start your training!

LFSF is happy to provide a complementary* introductory course in French language for LFSF families interested in developing conversational skills. 

This course is for beginner adults. 
Curriculum : 8 weeks of introductory French language classes (online) 30 basic verbs in the Present, Past and Future, Pronunciation. Interrogative and negative forms. Pronouns. 

Classes will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:00pm to 1:00pm, starting on MAY 11, 2020 (to ensure all have time to receive textbooks).

Sign up here

*Participants are responsible for class materials. Class material provided by The French Class. Please forward payment of $33.00 for textbooks to Paypal [] or Venmo [@Laurence-Delahaye]

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