Geography and Geopolitics in the Arctic | A conference by Halla Hrund LOGADÓTTIR


Society and Risks, by Halla Hrund LOGADÓTTIR

SEPT 28 | LFSF High • Gr 10


On the morning of SEPT 28, Gr10 students attended a conference presented by Halla Hrund LOGADÓTTIR, co-founder and director of the Arctic Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School, about the "Society and Risks" and the Management of Ressources in the Arctic.


Halla Hrund LOGADÓTTIR is the Co-founder and director of the Arctic Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School, where she also teaches the Arctic course

In Iceland, her home country, Ms. LOGADÓTTIR serves on the advisory board to the Minister of Industry and Commerce on Iceland’s Energy Fund and collaborates with the country’s leadership on environmental and Arctic issues. She is the Founder of the Arctic Innovation Lab, a platform created to encourage solution-based dialogue on Arctic challenges. 

Ms. LOGADÓTTIR is a frequent commentator on the environment, energy, and innovation within the Arctic. She was one of the 15 writers invited to collaborate in the United Nations Chronicle’s special edition on sustainable energy published in relation to COP21. 

Ms. LOGADÓTTIR is also the Co-founder of Girls4Girls non-profit; a global mentorship program that aims to provide young women with the courage, vision, and skills needed to take on public leadership.



In her presentation, Halla Hrund LOGADÓTTIR highlighted the recent environmental and social changes in the Artic. The region is warming twice as fast as the rest of the globe, seeing some of the world's first climate displaced communities. The Belfer Center's Arctic Initiative seeks to develop new insights and collaborations that bring together science, technology, and policy to address the environmental, economic and social challenges facing the Arctic.

The conference was provided as part of the History and Geography Gr10 Curriculum and its themes "Society and Risks" and the "Management of Ressources". It encourages students to learn and think more about sustainable development and to create their own project during the Week of French Lycées in the World, NOV 29 to DEC 04 (Semaine Semaine des Lycées français du monde) organized by the AEFE . 

This meeting was collaboratively organized by the History and Geography Department. A special thanks to LFSF teacher Kassoum SOUMANA, who was Ms. LOGADÓTTIR's colleague in Boston, and who worked on providing our students with this unique opportunity. We hope to stay in touch with Ms. LOGADÓTTIR for future conversations on this essential topic!


"This conference gave me hope [....] especially as the President of LFSF LEAF Club*" - Zara. *LFSF Environmental Club.

"I'm definitely aware now that the environmental issues in the Arctic are not only impacting the locals but also everyone else. Iceland represents the exemple that, even if it is difficult, we have to try to change things and that everyone should be involved" - Sasha

"I found really interesting to hear the perspective from an environmental expert who is not from the U.S [...]. It's a huge chance to be able to ask question to Ms. Halla Hrund LOGADÓTTIR, who is so involved in finding environmental solutions through innovations" - Christophe

"I was really impressed by the extensive use of renewable and geothermal energies in Iceland which brings hope for a brighter future!" - Guilhem

"People from Iceland are extremely brave and resilient, as their ancestors, the Vikings" - Olivier

"We have to change our habits and lifestyle so that we can reduce our impact on the environment, wherever we live. If Iceland can do it, we can do it too!" - Esmé 


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