Recap of the X-LFSF!

Recap of the X-LFSF!

OCT 13 marked the X-LFSF (say Cross-LFSF) at Kezar Stadium for K to Gr5 students from both ASH and SAU campuses, along with Gr6 students from the ORT campus.

The event started with preparations, including teacher-led warm-ups, as a result of weeks of hard work from both students and their PE teachers. Some parents even joined in the challenge by running to support the students!

The length of the run is determined by each child based on their personal goal, with guidance from the teacher. The aim was to foster achievements for all and ensure that every student both acquires the skill of running and takes pleasure in it. At last, they crossed the finish line, faces marked with a mix of exhaustion and satisfaction.

X-LFSF was a day of building bridges between students from different LFSF campuses.

The purpose was for students to learn how to run at their own pace, manage their own abilities, and know their personal limits. Friendships were strengthened, and teamwork was celebrated with high fives at the end of the race, emphasizing the importance of cooperation in addition to competition.

We want to congratulate once again all the runners, including students, parents, teachers, and staff, for their dedication and organization!



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