Global Learning | Gr4 Students' Excursion Into The Woods
Grizzly Creek

Global Learning Trip 

Gr4 Students' Excursion Into The Woods


Grizzly Creek has been an exciting adventure for our Gr4 students so far this week. Upon their arrival, the students jumped right into a plethora of activities: in the afternoon, a long hike through the picturesque wilderness was on the agenda. Armed with journal booklets featuring images of local wildlife, questions to ponder on, and blank spaces for drawings : the young explorers set out to identify signs of forest-dwelling animals. Their discoveries included paw prints, bones, and even animal feces, which really surprised them. 

After dinner, our Gr4 students played with interactive games, and had a captivating science lesson about quartz crystals and their ability to light up with friction.

On the following day, the adventure continued with the students participating in a workshop where they worked together to construct a giant geodome, a structure formed by triangles. Later, they headed to a nearby pond for some frog and tadpole catching, continuing their immersion even further in nature.

Finally yesterday, the trail groups spent the morning playing several team bonding exercises that really tested their ability to communicate and listen to each other. When they were done they discussed what they did well, and what they could’ve done better.

After lunch, they headed to the “challenge course” which consists of several low ropes courses done without any harness. This meant that the exercises required the whole team to support the one climber on the ropes in case they lost their balance. After the low ropes, we headed to the high ropes! So they strapped on their harnesses and climbed high. For the last activity, everyone listened to a science lesson about “Animal Adaptations” -like how a camel evolved with a hump so that it can store more fat and survive for long periods of time without eating or drinking. 

The evening was all about partying as they celebrated Elise, Eleonore, and Elliott's birthdays!

Our Gr4 students got the opportunity to learn about different plants and animals, their habitats and how they interact with each other. At LFSF, we believe this real life experience deepens students' observation and critical thinking skills, all the while developing scientific knowledge with hands-on experiments with our teachers on site. 

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