Global Learning | Gr 6 connect in Lake Tahoe

Global Learning | Gr6 connect in Lake Tahoe


Every year, Gr6 meet their peers from the Ashbury and Sausalito locations on their new, Ortega campus. A 4-day integration trip to beautiful Lake Tahoe is designed to help them better connect and feel integrated. 

Students left the Ortega campus with plenty of joy and energy.
On Day 2, they were ready for the biggest challenge of the trip : a 12-mile long hike to a lodge on Donner Peak. Amidst the lush green pine trees, the last flowers of the summer, and the expansive blue skies, the site offered an abundance of beautiful natural landscapes. The students rose to the challenge : they were impressive and resourceful, and made it to the lodge!
After the effort, the reward! The following day, students headed to Donner Lake for a fun and relaxed morning. Some enjoyed the refreshing water, while others simply go some well-deserved rest on the beach. Beach volleyball was also a big hit for the incoming middle schoolers.

In the afternoon, they explored the Donner Memorial State Museum, where they learned about the Donner family's harrowing journey and battle for survival in 1846.


Back at the lodge, after a good dinner, students held a meeting to present their program for the eco-delegate and class delegate elections. They concluded the day with social activities playing music, games, ping pong, before participating in a Spanish meditation session guided by their Spanish teacher.

During their last day, students were invited  to play in a friendly tournament. Each team chose a name, built a totem out of found material in nature and made a choreographed presentation. The final test was a quiz summarizing the entire trip and the history of the place and... a sack race to determine the winning team.

Congratulations to the pirates who emerged as the tournament champions!


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