Gr 12 Graduation

On June 11, LFSF celebrated its class of 2022 Graduation in the Théâtre Erick MOREAU: a memorable moment shared by proud parents, teachers and administrators!

The event was launched in music, with the beautiful performances of Gr6 student, Lucas CECILE and Communication Intern, Mathilde BERIBECHE on the piano, as Seniors walked through the stage.

The crowd was welcomed by LFSF COO, Cloris HENRY, Master of Ceremony, followed by a few words from HoS Emmanuel TEXIER, Member of the Board of Trustees, Chris ALLEXANDRE, Ortega Campus Director Eric SZARZYNSKI, Frédéric JUNG, Consulate General of France in San Francisco, College Counseling Director, Natalie BITTON, and a few students such as Arthur HOEFLIGER and Hirad MARAMI

Arthur :
- "what I consider to be the LFSF’s strongest asset: its teachers. Throughout my 13 years at the LFSF, I have seen the instrumental role a teacher can play in a student’s life, from pushing students to strive for better, to providing them with the tools to question the world around them"


"Indeed, as a collective, we achieved the most prized goal of all human ventures—the cultivation of the seeds of friendship and mutual solidarity. As someone who has undergone the ritual of schooling on three different continents, I can assure you that there are no others whom I would rather take as my faithful companions."

Then graduates were presented with their diploma and got to throw their hats in presence of the LFSF Bear! A special thank you to James WILLIAMS who was wearing the mascot!

Farewell, Class of 2022: Go far but keep us close!

Watch the entire Ceremony



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