Gr 5 Graduation

On June 15, LFSF celebrated its youngest graduates!

Gr5 students graduation happened in the Théâtre Erick MOREAU: a memorable moment shared by proud parents, teachers and administrators!

The event was launched in music, with the performance of LFSF Parents Shannon WOLFE who beautifully interpreted the American Anthem, followed by teacher Magali SANCARTIER who performed the French Anthem on the violin. 

Then the audience enjoyed a few words from:

  • Ortega Campus Director Eric SZARZYNSKI, who welcomed parents and students on the Ortega campus, which will become their new campus next year.
  • HoS Emmanuel TEXIER who celebrated the bilingualism and multiculturalism of these young gifted students and who can't wait to greet the soon-to-be Gr6 students on the Ortega campus next fall, for a new chapter in their educational journey.
  • Ashbury and Sausalito Campus Directors, Christophe CAILTON and Laurent CARAYON who shared their admiration for this group of tolerant, brave, bright and kind students.
  • Aminata DIAWRA, who, on behalf of the French Consulate in San Francisco, congratulated Gr5 students for their hard work, especially during these challenging times. She was very impressed by the level of students and their implication in some projects such as the Ambassadeurs Ambassadrices en Herbe competition.
  • Primary teachers, Alexis BUSSIERE (SAU), Eileen KIEBALA (SAU), Alban VIDAL (ASH), Valérie TRAQUET (ASH) and Dominique SOULET (ASH), Stefaan NEUKERMANS, who remembered all the great time they had with such amazing and bright minded students, who they will miss for real!

Then graduates were presented with their diploma and got to throw their hats! 

Watch the ceremony


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