Gr 8 Graduation

On June 01, LFSF was celebrating its first Gr8 graduation in the Théâtre Erick MOREAU: a memorable moment shared by proud parents, teachers and administrators!

The event was launched in music, with the beautiful performance of Gr9 Chiara CELIK, selected to represent our school in the Orchestra of the Lycées francais du monde, who played the violin.

Then the audience enjoyed a few words from:

  • HoS Emmanuel TEXIER who advised the graduates to always 1. be curious, question everything, don't take anything for granted, 2. do their best, aim at the top in all their endeavors and 3. be proud of their school.
  • Ortega Campus Director Eric SZARZYNSKI who remembered all the highlights of this school year - the Fantastic festival, LFSF Forward, the short story contest, Ambassadeurs en herbe...
  • Gr11 student Roman HOYLES who got to know his younger peers better during their recent trip to LA as part of the LFSF Forward program. He spoke on behalf of his classmates, welcome the graduates to LFSF High. He reminded them that the LFSF is founded on the principles of learning, life enrichment and community and that we are all united in its values of excellence, curiosity and empathy.
  • Gr 8 students Chloe FREELAND and Natalia McGRATH who remembered all the good times they had so far at LFSF, and thanked their teachers for all they did

" I feel that all the 8th graders share a common feeling of pride and gratitude for all of our accomplishments and the special bonds we’ve created with each other. These relationships were strengthened over the years, thanks to so many opportunities... "

  • Gr 8 student Florian LERCH who explained he joined the school when he was 8 years old and never regretted it.

"I arrived in San Francisco when I was 8 years old. We visited a lot of different schools, but ultimately we made the decision that my brother and I would go to the LFSF. And I do not regret it. My years at the school have been great. Academically and socially. I have learned so much, especially English, as I did not speak a word of it, and here I am giving a speech in English. I have also had a lot of great friendships over the years."

  • Homeroom teachers Mrs. RODRIGUEZ, Mrs. RAGHIB and Mrs. GAUDREAU who emphasized how much the graduates have grown not just academically but emotionally and personally, sharing how proud of them they were.
  • College Counseling Natalie BITTON who reminded them that whatever path they chose, they would all be LFSF alumni and welcomed them to LFSF High.

Then graduates were presented with their diploma and got to throw their hats in presence of the LFSF Bear! 

A special thank you to James WILLIAMS who was wearing the mascot and got to be on stage while his sister was officially graduating.

Watch the ceremony


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