How the Student Support team collaborates with teachers

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. A time when we turn our attention to the 1 in 5 students who learn differently. At LFSF, the Student Support team works directly with over 80 students with learning disabilities.

They also help teachers in many ways with this specific topic.

- They observe the group/class dynamic or the student with LD, and discuss / give advice to the teacher

- Once or twice a year, the Student Support team meets with the directors of ASH and SAU campuses as well as the teachers of each class to discuss the needs of each student. Together they prepare an action plan for those who may have LD. 

- Student Support members are part of the Educational Teams for students with special needs

- The Student Support team can be called to speak, in class, to a student or a group of students

- Students can be pulled-out of class for remediation with the Student Support team in close collaboration with teachers

- The Student Support team give information on ADHD and LD to teachers, there are tools to help students in class as well (apps, softwares etc.)

- The Student Support team can be consulted by teachers of the 3 campuses whenever they need

- ORT: the Student Support team get together to discuss what actions to start in order to help students with LD. They collaborate with homeroom teachers

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