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Students : Fostering social connexions

Introducing the LFSF GR11 Bear Squad

What’s the Bear Squad

Strong of the belief that students can help students succeed, the Bear Squad is a student to student, High school transition program designed to help Gr8 students transition to High school by pairing them with Gr11 leaders.

You have been through the challenges that High school poses, and understand that the transition to a larger school can sometimes be overwhelming. By Gr11, you have developed the skills and experience to become the positive role models incoming high schoolers need to make a successful transition to this new chapter in their education. 

Why is it important 

When students have a positive and connected experience during their first year in High school, they experience a sense of belonging that supports learning in and out of the classroom as well as deepens their friendships and social networks.  

This program aims at providing the structure for students to make real connections with each other which in turn will contribute to increasing school safety and reducing incidence of bullying.

Gr11 : the leaders of the den

This transition program has 3 components that contribute to its success.

  • BUILD : Gr8 and Gr11 students meet over lunch and get to know each other.
  • BELONGING: Gr8 and Gr11 students spend a day outside of school, sharing activities and experiences designed to deepen their sense of belonging.
  • BRIDGE : Gr11 students invite Gr8 students to attend specialty classes to bridge the subjects and opportunities they will have access to in LFSF High.

OCT 19 was the first step in this program.

Students and parents : Information session



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