LFSF Global Learning : Exchange with Rostock [Germany] 
LFSF Students leaving for a 4 week exchange in Germany


The most powerful way to learn a new language is to travel and to spend time in a country where this language is spoken. 

Seven LFSF students from Gr7  through 9, are currently spending four weeks in Germany. There, they are discovering school and family life in the context of an exchange with the Don Bosco School in Rostock.

What started with a pen pal project between 7th graders has transformed itself into four week exchange thanks to initiative of their teachers Stephanie Klingbeil in Rostock and Mareike Delley in San Francisco. Students will return on November 11th and their German friends will come to San Francisco from April 7 to May 5.

Rebecca, in Gr7, decided to participate in the exchange, even though she had been learning German only for a bit more than a year. Before she departed, Rebecca shared that  “she was a little bit scared but also thought that it was going to be fun and exciting”.

Marie in Gr 9 was excited to spend time in Germany to improve her language

skills and to firsthand experience the culture. 

We are looking forward to sharing more of these global students' first hand experiences upon their return!

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