LFSF in the Night of Ideas

NIGHT OF IDEAS • La Nuit des Idées
JAN 28 2021 | 7-9pm



In response to the current pandemic circumstances, the local event partners, Villa San Francisco, KQED, SFMOMA, San Francisco Public Library and California Humanities, are reuniting to produce a dynamic two-hour virtual showcase for The Night of Ideas (La Nuit des Idées) on JANUARY 28, 2021 from 7 to 9p.m. Registration is free and open.

For the 2021 Night of Ideas, keynote speakers and performers are asked to meditate on the theme of “closing the distance,” an adaptation of the international theme “proche” or “close.” The program will present a variety of perspectives on how we can collectively move closer to each other and to a better future by reimagining our civic spaces and society to be more inclusive.

LFSF is very proud to be counted as one of the participants in this international event happening in more than 150 cities in the world!

The unique, multilingual and multicultural education delivered at LFSF, the Lycée Français de San Francisco, inspires young learners to grow into thoughtful adults able to make positive and impactful contributions to our world, and carry the spirit of openness, curiosity and integrity shaped at LFSF. 

Our international community is made up of people of many ancestries, races, colors, religions, gender identities, family structures, disabilities, sexual orientations, learning difficulties and socio economic backgrounds. Actively embracing these differences makes our school vibrant and inclusive.

Having opportunities to immerse themselves in cultures, languages, and geographies through LFSF global learning program, students develop a rich understanding of different cultural perspectives, contributing in purposefully closing the distance between people, places and times. 

LFSF students from multiple clubs (including Dance, TEDEd, DEIJ and LGBTQ), invite you to join them on a "ballade" through the vibrant and colorful San Francisco Mission district. 

In this playful and student-led piece, movement combines with words, images, music and colors to allow participants to creatively express their message and how they approach closing the distance.


  • Juliette (Gr6)

    Anne-Lise (Gr6)

    Lucie (Gr9)

    Astrid  (Gr11)

    Chloé (Gr11)

    Lucie (Gr11)

  • Naya (Gr 11B)

    Hirad (Gr11)

    Arthur (Gr11)

    Isabella (Gr9)


Check out the pictures of the rehearsal for a sneak preview . 



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