LFSF + Institut Pasteur

Researchers from Institut Pasteur (the internationally renowned biomedical research center) met Gr 11+12 SVT (Biology) students and some Gr 10 on three occasions.

  • For a zoom meeting to talk about the project on FEB 08
  • For in-person work on MARCH 01
  • For an exhibition in the library to commemorate the bicentenary of Louis PASTEUR's birth.

On March 01 : Three immunology, parasitology and bacteriology specialists from Institut Pasteur visited the school. They presented their research fields to Gr11 and 12 biology specialty and some Gr10 students and inaugurated the exhibition commemorating the bicentenary of Louis PASTEUR's birth in the library. It's the first step in a promising partnership designed to inspire our students to pursue a career in science.

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