LFSF J'adore, the Series [S01 E14] Meet Emily and Ryan

Emily and Ryan are proud LFSF parents. After researching their options, they decided to enroll their oldest son, Andrew, at LFSF @SAU. He is now in Gr2/CE1 and his brother is following his footstep thanks to the Happy Play program. Besides bilingualism, Ryan and Emily enjoy the way their children learn to be independent and organized. They both are very involved in the school's life as room parent (her) and Board Trustee (him). If you don't know them yet, we invite you to learn more about their story.


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LFSF Wins Big at NHSMUN!

The NHSMUN (National High School Model United Nations) is the largest competition of its kind in the world, and also widely considered to be the most prestigious Model UN conference for secondary school students. Each year, over 70 countries are represented, totaling approximately 5000 delegates.

🥇 The LFSF team collectively won first place in the “Research and Preparation” category and our head delegate Madeleine, was granted an “Award of Excellence”. These are impressive achievements for our team and our school, we are immensely proud of our LFSF MUN club.

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