LFSF J'adore, the Series [S02 E01] Meet Camille

LFSF J'adore, the Series

[S02 E01] | Meet Camille Langlois, LFSF Parent


Camille is a true Bay Area native where she met her soul mate and is raising her two beautiful children, in the heart of our vibrant community.

Camille and her husband share a deep appreciation for the Lycee and the education it provides, in particular the exposure to another language that starts from a very young age. Their LFSF journey - and (love) story - started in 2020 when their daughter entered preschool. Today, she continues to thrive in Gr2 on our Sausalito campus, while their son follows in her footsteps, attending preschool alongside his sister.

Camille has observed her daughter's cognitive development blossom, thanks to her bilingual upbringing, even during their playtime on the playground. She especially loves the fact that her children are also teaching her and her husband a bit of French at home!

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