LFSF | La Semaine des Lycées Français du monde 2021


LFSF | La Semaine des Lycées Français du monde 2021

NOV 29 to DEC 04

The International Week of the French Lycees is an initiative organized by the AEFE every year since 2017. The 5th edition is scheduled from NOV 29 to DEC 04, 2021. This week of awareness, in which all French schools around the world are invited to participate by highlighting educational activities, has both a local and network-wide impact.

This year the week will be an opportunity to accentuate the dynamics of education for sustainable development as its theme is "Arts, sciences and sustainable development: French education to prepare for tomorrow's world". 

The Week at LFSF 

History-Geography Department

Actions during the day 

  • Wednesday, DEC 01: "Come to school without a car" to promote more sustainable transportation 
  • Friday DEC 03 : "Tous en vert"  Dress up in green to close the week
  • Launch of a green wall project with the Visual Arts Teacher, Kim JENSEN
  • And... a surprise

Competitions, conferences and exhibitions 

  • ZAN SD Education Challenge 
  • GR 8 and 10 : Conference and workshop with the of Environmental Education Program of the City of San Francisco and launch of the EFE3D labeling by Emmanuel TEXIER
  • Gr 6: Exhibit in the hallways "Cities of tomorrow" 
  • Computer graphics contest (to raise awareness in the classes to turn off lights, throw away in the garbage ...)
  • Presentation of original sustainable development projects carried out by young people around the world
  • Padlet : A history of pollution


Zahra RAGHIB - French Department

Students will be working around several directions 


Ecology challenge
  • Poetry to prepare all MS and HS students to tomorrow's world
  • Masterclass with French poet Melanie LEBLANC
  • A SF based herbarium of sounds to write haikus
  • Latin students will create a poetry and vocal presentation in Latin
  • Visual Arts - Bilingual posters:  Gr7 students will work on the theme : Does humanity rule Nature? before creating word clouds. In partnership with SF MOMA, Gr6 students will create poster illustrating their view of our future.
  • Recordings : All week long, students will be able to listen to Gr10 students poems that they recorded. Gr 11 will work on composing poems the Ponge way.


Sylvaine ARNOULD-DROUILLY - Science Department (but really combining Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, French, Visual Arts)

"Objective 14: aquatic life and plastic art(s)!" for Gr7 students, a project on several weeks

Week of NOV 29 to DEC 03:
Trip to Ocean beach to set up the scientific protocol (1 morning):
- collection, counting and sorting of waste on the beach
- research of the origin of macro, meso and micro plastics found on the surface and buried
- identification of some meso-plastics

Note : Mesoplastics are large plastic particles usually defined as 5–10 mm in range.
Microplastics are small plastic fragments typically less than (<5mm) that are derived from the breakdown of macroplastics.

Activities will continue and could include:  

  • in Physics-chemistry: a debate on the theme "Should plastic be banned?"
  • in Biology: explain how human activity can modify the organization and functioning ofecosystems (the place of plastic in the food chain, etc.)
  • in Mathematics: use the data collected in the field to calculate the number and mass of the mass of plastic waste on Ocean Beach (work on proportionality, graphs ...)
  • in Visual arts (to be confirmed): design of a collective work (by class) valorizing the plastic waste collected in the field (or at the LFSF) and raising awareness about this pollution (exhibition in the patio)
    Possible extension: participation in the "Plastic Arts for the Ocean" contest
  • in French: making a word cloud on the concept of over-tourism and its consequences to share with other students

Final production (tbc):
An exhibition in the patio for the other students of the LFSF to raise awareness on the problem of aquatic pollution by plastic presenting :

  • the collective artistic works
  • the slogans
  • the results of the scientific approach implemented in the field


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