LFSF | M. Philippe ETIENNE, Ambassador of France in the United States visits the Ortega Campus

LFSF | On January 13, our HoS Emmanuel TEXIER had the pleasure to welcome Philippe ETIENNE @Ph_Etienne, the newly appointed Ambassador of France in the United States, currently visiting the Bay Area, and Emmanuel LEBRUN-DAMIENS @elebrundamiens, the Consul General of France in San Francisco.

The visit first started with a quick tour of the Ortega campus and a special student-hosted assembly. The auditorium looked beautiful under Louis's technical supervision. Lena and Arthur were the MC. Chiara (Gr7) who was selected to participate in the @aefe Orchestre du Monde, delivered a lovely musical interlude on the violin.

Our student ambassadors (Ambassadeurs en herbe) Hirad, Antoine and Marguerite engaged in an informative Q&A session with the Ambassador about education, culture, preparing for the future and becoming an Ambassador.

Finally, Philippe ETIENNE addressed the audience.

Later, Mr ETIENNE recorded an LFSF podcast with Mathilde and Colin ( https://audioblog.arteradio.com/…/emission-speciale-intervi…# )

followed by a conversational meeting with LFSF trustees and directors.

The visit was a great way for the incoming Ambassador to get to know our community, listen and better understand our local challenges and respond to our questions. It was a unique opportunity for the students to meet the French diplomat and be involved in such an event.

Pictures on Vidigami

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