LFSF on the tatami: Go Bears!

On Sunday SEPT 18, after 3 years of interruption, 400 young athletes were meeting to enter the East Bay Judo tournament in El Cerrito. Two LFSF students, Mathias PÉTILLAT (Gr5) and Mattéo DA CRUZ (Gr10), and alumni, Marin DROUILLY, currently attending UC Berkeley, participated in this event.
It was young Mathias’s very first tournament. He had to get his bearings in the very first match that he lost before winning the next 3, eventually taking the 3rd place after a total of 5 matches.
Mattéo fought in 2 divisions - the brown and black belts-, against seasoned athletes. Mattéo had some great fights that he won by Ippon (the equivalent of a knockout in boxing) to place himself at the top of the podium.Marin - 1st Dean belt - also participated and competed opponents who were physically and technically very strong. He nonetheless won 3rd place.
Congratulations to our LFSF judokas ! Go Bears!

A few words about Judo : Judo is a non-violent sport, derived from the traditional jujitsu practiced by the samurai. It was first taught in Japan by Jigoro Kano in 1882. This modern martial art has subsequently evolved into a combat sport and an Olympic sport. With great physical, mental and moral benefits, judo has its own value code of 8 principles that the judoka tries to apply in his everyday life and on the tatami. These values are: modesty, politeness, sincerity, friendship, self-control, courage, respect and honor.



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