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Upcoming Math Competitions in the Secondary school

The values of math competitions are obvious. They pique students’ interest in mathematics and encourage them to value intellectual pursuits. Math competitions inspire students to become good at mathematics just like sports encourage physical fitness. It is also a way to compare our level to that of other schools on a national and international level.

In the upcoming months, LFSF Middle and High School students will have several opportunities to enter math competitions. These events represent a great investment of our students and their teachers ( their coaches) to promote them within the international school community.

Maths sans Frontière | Gr 6

FEV 8 2018

It is a competition of French schools in Gr 5 and 6 with over 100 participating classes.

This competition is done by class, it requires the coordination and organization of students between them , very interesting in many ways)

Castor  | Gr 7, 8 + 9

NOV 12 though DEC 8 2017

These students can enter this algorithmic competition for which we very often have very good results. This contest aims to introduce students to computer science and digital sciences.

The competition takes place under the supervision of a teacher, in a computer room. It covers various aspects of computer science: information and representation, algorithmic thinking, application use, data structures, logic games, computing and society.

This contest is followed by


Beyond Castor, for the students who performed very well, the next step is the Algoréa competition, organized from January on, designed to support students as they learn about programming and algorithmic, in Blockly, Scratch or Python languages..

LFSF regularly has students in the top 10!

The race with numbers (La course aux nombres)

MAR 12 through 18 

This contest is an AEFE competition. It is always a question of answering a series of 30 questions in 8 minutes (16 seconds per questions), grouped in two series, the first fifteen questions being proposed according to an identical typology from one test to another.

Alkindi  | Gr 9 + 10

First round on DEC 11, 2017  

Today, data security issues are one of the major issues facing our society, whether it is to protect banking transactions or guarantee the protection of privacy. Thanks to mathematics and computer science, one can understand the tools implemented on these subjects. The Alkindi contest is a three rounds and one finale cryptography competition. 

The Math Olympics | Gr 11 (S / ES / L)

MAR 14 2018

This French academic competition was created in 2000-2001 by the French Ministry of Education. It aims at developing a curiosity and appreciation for mathematics among Gr 11 students, all series combined. 


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