LFSF Pride : Celebrating our Diversity


On April 12th 2019, LFSF will celebrate its first edition of Pride Day. Initiated by the LGTBQ+ club, the day will focus on promoting LGBTQ+ awareness at school. The event is part of an effort for our very international school to celebrate our diversity. We asked Eden HITZKE who leads the LGBTQ+ club at the school, to tell us more about this event.


LFSF: Eden, can you introduce yourself? Who are you, and how long have you been at LFSF?

Eden: I have been at the LFSF since 7th grade, but I previously lived in Sacramento, CA. I am a senior in the scientific track, and outside of school you can find me skateboarding, taking pictures of cars, or editing pictures in Photoshop.

LFSF : You are involved in many activities at LFSF.  Can you talk of your involvement in promoting LGBTQ+ awareness at school?

Eden: I promote LGBTQ+ awareness at school through the LGBTQ+ Club which I lead. Through this club, with the valuable help of the other club members, we provide a safe space for everybody to come. During these weekly meetings, we talk about LGBTQ+ issues as well as organize our events. We also talk to members of the administration in order to find new ways to make the LFSF a more inclusive space.

LFSF : What is the LFSF pride event about? Can you talk about what will happen during that event?

Eden: The LFSF Pride Day is an entire day devoted to LGBTQ+ awareness! It will be the first time that there is an event like this at the LFSF. We will be organizing a bake sale, giving out pins with our logo and selling t-shirts to commemorate the day. All of the proceeds will be donated to LYRIC, a local charity which helps struggling LGBTQ+ youths. In addition, there will be an assembly where we will have Emmanuel LEBRUN-DAMIENS, the French Consulate General, and other prominent figures of the local LGBTQ+ community who will talk. Finally, we will unveil a mural honoring San Francisco and its LGBTQ+ community. Paul TCHENG (in Gr11) designed the mural, and he was inspired by the diversity of the neighborhoods that exist in San Francisco, its iconic skyline, as well as the numerous murals that can be found throughout the city. Through this mural, he wants to showcase LGBTQ+ pride and leave a permanent mark in the school, symbolizing the club and the values which it defends.


The rendering  of the Pride Day mural designed by Paul Tcheng
LFSF : You are graduating this year? What is in the cards for you next year ?

Eden: I am! Next year, I will be pursuing an Architectural Engineering degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where I hope to apply my passion for design and solving problems, helped by the rigorous scientific education that I have received here at the LFSF.


Eden practicing before performing a musical in the LFSF Auditorium Theater.

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