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This year, our dynamic admissions team has been meeting with a growing number of families moving to Marin in search of a different lifestyle. These families tend to have young children and bring a richer diversity to the North Bay. We experienced this trend directly on our LFSF@Sausalito campus as we doubled the capacity of our La Petite Ecole program this year. The classes, tailored for age 2 children, currently welcome 28 young students, representing 8 different nationalities and 7 ethnicities!

The attraction of our open campus, safely tucked away, all on one level, filled with light, offering lots of green and open spaces, increasingly seduces families who, for some, make the choice of this campus, even when residing in the city! In fact, once parents experience life on the Sausalito campus - through La Petite Ecole for example- they tend to want to stay, and understandably so.

The enlightened advice of playwright and social critic Voltaire (1694-1778) in Candide, on the importance of tending one’s own garden is put to good use on the Sausalito campus. Here students are harvesting the cherry tomatoes planted earlier in the season. 


On the Sausalito campus, children grow, learn in two languages, climb and run, race soapboxes, go kayaking, acquire coding skills (... in preschool!), develop an appreciation for good food with some of the best local chefs, cultivate their garden “Califleurie”, work with artists in residence, master the stage with their theater teacher, run radio shows, and so much more! Beyond such wonderful, unique experiences, the international school encourages strong values through these formative years such as the respect for others - and all they bring to the group in terms of nationalities, languages, culture, ethnicity, …- and for our environment. 

Kayaking classes are one of the many opportunities students have to enjoy the outdoors and learn to appreciate and respect the environment.

We know that choosing a school is electing an education, and LFSF has been repetitively recognized by parents as the best immersion school in San Francisco and Marin. But as admissions assistant Kylie DUFRESNE observed during her many visits with prospective parents, it’s also finding a community for the whole family. The LFSF community is active, diverse and resourceful. Parents are the secret ingredient behind the success of events like Halloween haunted houses or the Winter Fair, as well as initiatives such as French classes for adults. It is with this idea of sharing ideas and resources that two LFSF moms started Teuko to help fight lunch packing boredom, leaving parents feeling inspired and motivated.

The Sausalito campus welcomes students from age 2 to Grade 5. When they graduate they can continue to take advantage of this unique educational program for which critical thinking is an important cornerstone. There, through Middle and High School, our global students can prepare to face tomorrow’s issues and positively contribute to their world.

OPEN LEARNING | The winning team of the 2019 Startup Lycée attend the Hult Prize award ceremony on the United Nations compound in New York and meet Bill Clinton, who presented the award at the end of the ceremony.


Learn more about: 

LFSF : www.lelycee.org

Early Learning Program : https://www.lelycee.org/learning/maternelle

Applying to our Early Learning Program : https://www.lelycee.org/applying/applying-early-learning

Contact : admissions@lelycee.org

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